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Nice write-up by Brad Rudner of It still feels good to know Fitz isn't a mythical being anymore, his HS highlights were way too good to not carry on to the next level.

 "Never satisfied. I'm never satisfied," Toussaint repeats. "You always have to keep working. Anything and everything. You can never be too good, even if it means correcting the smallest thing."--- I think he "gets it"



(Edit: I was never aware Fitz had a 5 year old daughter. Makes me respect him that much more that he can balance both, seems like a good father as well.)

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He was plagued by injuries in his first two year at Michigan. This year, even with injuries (albeit mild) he amassed over a 1000 yards. If he managed to keep the injuries to a minimum, he will a HUGE season in 2012.


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Like, not to be, like, THAT guy, but... srsly...

Let me put it this way.  If your son or daughter comes up to you and says, I WANNA LIVE MY LIFE EXACTLY LIKE FITZ... is your reaction, yeah great cuz you have NOTHING BUT RESPECT for him?

Then you wake up and realize, uh, he's how old?  WIth a 5 year old kid?

Look, he's a great player, he's getting a world-class education, and by happenstance it turns out he WILL be able to provide for his child, in a couple of years.  (Or, if he'd gone to tSIO or Miami (YTM), he could be providing right now....) (ba-da-boom).

But let's not put him on a pedastal, right.  Srsly.  He's an example of:  Overcoming your mistakes.  Cuz, like, a person at his age, with a 5 year old kid?  That's a gross mistake in youthful judgment, about 5 years 9 months ago.  No other way to put it.

If anyone disagrees, then it goes under the category of:  "He's a UM football player, so everything he poops MUST be gold."


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Yeah, so he made a youthful mistake. Turns out he turned around and did something with his life, even though he'd made that mistake. News flash: not everyone with the same mistake has the same turn-around.

People are gonna praise him for balancing these things. It's not because they think he's made the best choices. It's because they think he's done well in light of a bad situation. Very few 15-year-old parents make something of themselves. Fitz is doing that. Cut him some damn slack. Kid is working to get what he wants and soon enough, his daughter will probably have a hell of a life.


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made a mistake, but everyone makes mistakes some times the better judge of character is how you handle your mistake.  He is still clearly a part of his daughters life which shows he has accepted responsibility and doing the best he can.  I cant help but root for this kid even more he has been through a lot and whether he plays football at the next level or not he has set himself and his daughter up for a great future.  Great read hope he can stay healthy and finish his career strong.

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The possibility of having him two more seasons is exciting.  He would be especially valuable if he's back and healthy in 2013, with the transition at QB and a couple of OL spots.