Gardner Medical R.S. Question

Submitted by Graham Brown on March 6th, 2012 at 5:58 PM

I know this has been asked many times over, but does anyone truly know the process behind applying for a medical redshirt?

Each time Devin Gardner's case is brought up, I hear we have to await the NCAA's decision, which could take "years."  Why is it then that a freshman Clemson player, who applied for a Medical RS this past season, has already heard back from the NCAA?  I guess I don't see how his situation is any different from Devin's.




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I do know that the team was told they would have to wait on a ruling until he was done with his true senior year.

I have no idea why things woild be different for another athlete.


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if we're going to believe the NCAA is all about the student athlete, how much could DG conceivably improve his GPA by spreading his harder courses out over a final two years instead of a single one? I know my GPA would be significantly higher if I hadn't had to cram a few specific classes into my schedule second semester of junior year. I'd have killed to have two of those classes moved to the next term, which DG could do if he's taking five years instead of four.

Maize and Blue…

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Junior got hurt and got his ruled on the same year.  This whole situation with Devin's Medical RS makes absolutely no sense.  Then again, we are dealing with the NCAA.  The organization of 2 for 1's except when it comes to Ohio bowl games. 


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Check it.  I broke the news FIRST on MGoBlog.

Marlo Stanfield

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Gardner only played until his 4th game. The athlete in the article played until his 5th...that was more than 30% of his games so that makes him automatically ineligible. They both are separate cases really. 

Graham Brown

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You're right, they are different situations; I managed to overlook that.

Still frustrating though... are we really going to watch the bowl game in two years and not know whether it's Devin's last game or not?  That's nuts.  I don't understand the logic in putting a timeframe on a medical redshirt ruling.


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He played in five games (the Clemson player), which put him over the 30%-of-games limit.  Clemson apparently argued that he'd only played a handful of snaps, but the NCAA said that it doesn't matter.  The difference with Gardner is that his situation does not violate the 30%-of-games limit.  The question there, I think, will be whether his injury really had to keep him out of the games that he missed. 

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I can't exactly make out what is occuring in the picture, any insight?  It seems really crazy though! (I obviously understand there's a python eating/attempting to eat/ate and was demolished premise goin on, but the pic is small and I'm very curious!)


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tried to eat the gator while it was still alive. What you're seeing is that even though the gator ripped out the side of the snake...they both ended up dead. I wish I could have see this in action!!!

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I saw a show about a year or two ago on the National Geographic Channel and they had experts speculating on what happened. They came to the conclusion that the gator had been attacked by a larger Gator (it had a large gash on it's head) possibly during mating rituals. It was barely alive and the Python strangled it and tried to swallow it. The Gator was a bit too big and one of it's claws puntured the side of the Python while it was trying to regurgitate the Gator. That's what lead to the picture in their opinion. However it happened it's a cool picture.


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The Clemson player got his decision because he was being denied based on playing more than 30% of the season - he wasn't eligible so no need to wait.

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I believe this is actually a decision that is handled by the conference (not the NCAA directly).  That might account for the differences in how indivdual cases are handled.  


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Here you go (I can't believe I waded through that to find this): Administration of Hardship Waiver. The hardship waiver shall be administered by the member conferences of the Association or, in the case of an independent member institution, by the Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement. (Revised: 10/28/04, 4/20/09)
So.... It is the B1G that has to rule on the waiver, not the NCAA


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see this press release from Minnesota in regards to their RB Kirkwood, which frankly only raises more question about the current situation


"University of Minnesota running back Donnell Kirkwood has been granted a medical hardship waiver by the Big Ten Conference. Kirkwood's participation in the 2010 season will not count against him and he will have four seasons of eligibility remaining.

"This is great news for Donnell and for our football program," head coach Jerry Kill said. "We're happy for him and we appreciate all those who assisted in getting the waiver approved."

Kirkwood rushed for 107 yards on 27 carries, averaging 4.0 yards per carry, early in the 2010 season before missing the remainder of the year with a leg injury.

-UM- "



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that Gardner is going to wait until after his "last" season to see if he wants to stay for his med reshirt season or forego for the NFL draft. Then they will look into it.


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Above is the link to the NCAA Dvision I Administrative Bylaws

This should be of general interest to the board as a whole really. The section governing the rules on this is WAY too long to copy and paste. Go to 14.2.4 - Hardship Waiver (which is a "medical redshirt" basically) and you should find everything you wanted to know about the subject, how it is determined, documentation that is needed, and the like. Basically, from about the middle of page 157 to the middle of page 161. 


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not take the NCAA long to decide that Ohio could have one staff coaching and another recruiting while on probation.  That chaffs my ass as much as anything they have done.


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If the medical redshirt is granted for his freshman year, he can't take another redshirt (unless it's medical again).   So, if he takes a redshirt this year, then his freshman year will count against him either way, but he would miss out on the experience he could gain this year.


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No, I was thinking if he took one next year, then his medical redshirt would not likely be granted.  If the rules in football are the same in basketball, you have to play your 4 years of eligibility in 5 years.  The exception is if you have multiple medical redshirts, you can gain a waiver.