Game Day Parking (Golf Course Parking Analysis Request)

Submitted by lexus larry on August 24th, 2010 at 3:01 PM

(Searched and read lots on AAG&O ire. Not so much a guide of how-to and when-to, as I'm looking for now) Given the current economy, it looks like my post game tradition of pizza, beer and TV will have to go by the wayside, replaced by staying in a “golf course style” setting, where I can grill, eat and drink both before and then after the game.

My queries to my fellow mgo’ers are as follows: 1) U-M Golf Course or AAG&O (did those who stayed at AAG&O suffer under the newly implemented painful parking procedure?) 2a) Coming in from northeast of AA, if going to the U-M Golf Course, just drive through town, enter on State St? Or Stadium Blvd? 2b) Coming in from northeast of AA, if AAG&O, just drive through town, enter on Main Street? Or Stadium Blvd? 3) What time to try to arrive at your suggested golf venue? 4) What time (how long after the game) do they kick you out?

My perspective is derived from parking at Bethlehem United Church of Christ for the past 8-10 years. Good location (enter on 4th, exit onto 5th, just north of Packard), good price (now $15 per game), good facility (hot/cold running water, porcelain fixtures, church doors open ~11 for 3:30 games, ~10 for noon games, and a fenced play area for kiddies).

This was good, but at $15 for parking, then ~$70 for pizza and beers for 3-4, it seems that I can do better with a $40 parking spot, and grill before/after (don't want to cook after on an asphalt lot, with no facilities/trees nearby). I know it’s been done. Tell me/sell me your stories, your justifications, etc. I have no real demands. I have a canopy, I am self contained (I don’t caravan), I have a nice set-up honed over a couple decades of fun, so… And if there’s a third option, away from the asphalt church lot, and not shoo’ed away from the parking spot a mere 2 hours after the game ends, I’m interested!

Thank you in advance for your fine cooperation in this endeavor.



August 24th, 2010 at 3:14 PM ^

The golf course is probably your best bet.  Just try to avoid Stadium, it's a mess in both directions from Michigan Stadium.  The bridge is/has been in a state of disrepair for years (they cut it down to 1 lane in both directions) and the starting on 7th street it is down to 1 lane going out of town.  Your best bet is to come down Main street from the Ann Arbor/Saline rd exit on I-94.  It's the same way everyone will be going, but at least it has all the lanes open and they make it all 1-way out of town after the game. 

As for other spots to tailgate, check out Almendinger Park.  It's on Pauline and Hutchins and a 5-minute walk to the stadium.  It's usually less crowded and a hell of a good time.


*edit - you say you're coming in from north of town.  Your best bet is to get off at the Barton rd exit (not the main street one) and come in through Division (runs parallel to 5th). 


August 24th, 2010 at 4:57 PM ^

I can semi-second Almendinger Park.  Nice large grassy area for the kiddies to play, restrooms, and running water.

The big issue is you don't really tailgate.  You'd have to completely unpack and set-up outside of the car.  This may or may not be an issue, but be prepared to walk 50 yards or more with your gear.

Plus side is you may be able to get away with street parking, or unloading and then street parking.


August 24th, 2010 at 5:18 PM ^

Negative on most of the street parking for Almendinger Park. If anyone can remember the spring game...most of the streets around Almendinger have No Parking on Football game day signs. The Ann Arbor Cops ticketed about 100 cars on the day of the spring scrimmage game. It was an issue of semantics. Did the scrimmage actually constitute a Game Day. In the end, the city threw out all the tickets.

The restrooms are still a big plus over the porta potties at AAGO or Pioneer lots. The nice thing about the Pioneer lot is that since it is the major RV parking lot the parties tend to run much later after the games. 

I second the opinion on Stadium. Stay off of Stadium Blvd. Bridge near golf course is down to one lane each way and between Pauline and 7th traffic only allowed going south (out of town). 


August 24th, 2010 at 5:35 PM ^

If you are making the change just for finacial reasons I don't think it is going to change things too much.  The food and beer you will be buying for the tailgate along with the more expensive parking will end up costing you the same as if you went to the church and then for pizza & beer.  However if you are doing this more for a change of scenary then by all means the golf course would work or you could even do the grass lot at Pioneer however there aren't any trees there. 

Oh one other suggestion would be the church parking right were South Main and Ann Arbor Saline meet.  Across from the busch's lot.  They have grass parking and I don't think they force you out and you are only a mile away from the stadium.