Football Wait List members can order ticket packs..NOW

Submitted by thisisme08 on July 7th, 2011 at 10:56 AM

As we all know the 4 game ticket packs have been on sale for a couple weeks now with season tix holders, alumni, and victors club getting first crack at them.

Today on my Outlook calander I saw my reminder pop up saying that the general public tickets were going on sale next Monday, so on a whim I decided to pop over to and see what time they went on sale which is where I noticed this bit of info...


Thursday, July 7 -- Football season ticket wait list members (joined as of July 5 and not Victors Club members or football season ticket holders)
and I jizzed in my pants....go get your ND tickets here:



July 7th, 2011 at 11:23 AM ^


EMU (ugh, but no choice)



... then got a new job offer an hour later, so I might not be able to go to any of them!




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Alumni had a presale offer but you needed to be a part of the alumni association before such and such date. 

I think that deal is done and gone though, as I know demand was extremely high for ND tickets and people were next day air/hand delivering their applicaiton to the ticket office and the line was immense so best bet is probably the GenPub on Monday. 


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If hypothetically there was a member trying to get M/Purdue single game tickets, do you think he would be better off getting them July 18/20 at the box office or waiting for the MGoBlog/Stubhub crowd to start selling theirs?


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They way overestimated the demand for the Nebraska game with both the super-ND game and OSU at home.  I'm very confident that after the packages are done the Nebraska game will be the one with the most tickets remaining.


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except Nebraska as well, and even better I convinced my brothers friend to take my 8 EMU tix at cost for a bachelor weekend.


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i got 2 notre dame packs this morning

I wanted to get 2 osu packs but money is tight, and i think the OSU tickets will be their for single game I have a feeling, while i don't think the notre dame game will be ! the nebraska game will be their for sure I think.


considering ncaa 12 comes out next tuesday, and I still have to get tickets for the michigan / northwestern game, and the lions home opener.


i got ND, EMU, SDSU, and Minnesota

I'm going to the ND and EMU games for sure

selling the SDSU for sure - 50-55 each

Minnesota - might go / might not

Braylons Butte…

July 7th, 2011 at 6:20 PM ^

Caveat: I presume you can buy a package and then log in and buy another but I can't confirm.

The packages for 2 tix together and single tickets are VASTLY different. I just bought mine 10 min ago, and got ND, Purdue and Minnesota all between the 40s (in Victors and Valiant for Purdue), halfway up. Compare that to when I put in 2 packages, and would've been stuck in the corner or nosebleeds on the non-student, Stadium side endzone. 

I'm just going to the ND game as I live in Cali, so I'll probably put the Purdue and Minnesota games up for sale close to the games for those of you looking at that time.