ESPN Recruit Article=Fail

Submitted by Ziff72 on February 1st, 2010 at 1:29 PM

In JC Shurburts recruiting recap article he just posted on ESPN, he threw some "best ofs" at the bottom. Not sure where he got them from or cut and pasted from 2000, but they are terrible. These things are very subjective, but come on a little research. For the Big Ten.

Most likely to play as a freshmen-Wisconsin-Really?? The place where they return like 18 of 22 starters. The place where they take middling 3 star sorts and inject them with dairy and have them push weights around for 3 years before they unleash them on the Big Ten. That team is the best place for a freshmen to make his mark?? Nice Research.

Best Uniforms-Penn St- Ok we're biased, but come on, we're consistently voted the best uniforms in the country, if you hate Mich then put OSU in there they are usualy ranked very high as well.

Best place if you want to turn pro-Michigan-Ok I'll take it but isn't that the knock on us right now with the spread run. Maybe he was watching B. Graham this weekend while he was typing.

Best tradition-OSU- They have a great tradition, but like isn't that like our calling card?

To get this guys perspective though he voted Wake Forest over Florida St, Clemson etc... in the ACC for best uniforms so he's obviously nuts and Cincy over...... well the Big East uniforms suck so maybe Cincy could be picked but they blow.



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He got you to read it and post it here, albeit without a link, so his job is done. Life becomes much better as a fan when you realize that that is what sportswriters are trying to do, rather than produce content that is "true" or "worthwhile."

I disagree with those assessments, but meh, whatever.


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To get this guys perspective though he voted Wake Forest over Florida St, Clemson etc... in the ACC for best uniforms so he's obviously nuts.

He voted Wake Forest's uniforms better than Florida State's?!? THAT'S BULLSHIT. You should write a letter to the ombudsmen.


February 1st, 2010 at 1:52 PM ^

I'll always vote for Michigan over Ohio State, but I think the Buckeyes' "tradition" score is pretty high.

Also, some of the uniforms that are considered classics in college football (specifically, Penn State and Alabama) are too simple for my taste. In both cases, oddly, I think the helmets could be improved by removing the single stripes. (Even simpler, yes, but better-looking...)

Where designs exist, I like them simple and easy to see from a distance (winged helmet, longhorn, the G on the Georgia helmets). I find USC's design too complicated. Its details can be seen only at close range.


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JC needs to heed the sage advice of TP:

"If one would just go and do something with out researching first they could’ve missed something that could have later benefited later on or benefited one more then the other."


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Most likely to play as a freshmen- Indiana/Michigan (both young with lots of holes in their depth charts)

Best Uniforms- Michigan (Our helmets have wings)

Best place if you want to turn pro-Michigan- Lately Ohio State (sadly enough)

Best tradition-OSU- Meechigan (duh)