Cool Story Bro: I met a Michigan Wolverine today in Columbus

Submitted by WingsNWolverines on August 20th, 2012 at 3:48 PM

While down at CSCC (Columbus State Community College) at the cashier office I was filling out some transcript forms. I was wearing my Michigan blue shirt when I see another guy signing forms wearing a maize with blue lettering Michigan shirt. Already we had stares aiming at us lol. As I walked past the line he says to me, "you applying for Michigan?" I shook my head no and replied, "nah don't have the money my friend I'm going to Eastern Mich this winter." He says, "Oh I'm going to Michigan!" I said congratulations and asked him if he'll be going to the games this year and he says, "yeah and I'll be going to all of them next year!" (lucky bastard I thought). Here's where the conclusion gets interesting. I said to him, "wow that's awesome! Student tickets?"  He smiles and shakes his head and says "nah I'm playing for them in 2013." My eyes bugged out and I stood frozen. I immediately shook his hand and said, "holy shit that is awesome! Congratulations! I'll be at some of the games next year! Hopefully all of them!" I asked him his name and he says "Antonio Whitfield." I said GO BLUE and so did he and that was that. He's small but stocky. Anybody heard of him?



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Your story doesn't compute.  You asked him whether he was going to the games and he said he was on the team.  Either he thought you were asking him about track (unlikely), he thinks he's on the team but is not (possible I suppose), or he was playing you (likely). 


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Im a teen in the area and I know exactly who your talking about. He just graduated from Canal Winchester. Smart guy. I always looked at him as more of a track guy then football. He is tiny tho. About 5'6 lol.

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I haven't seen any report that confirms this.  I was surprised he was not on the initial roster, but I just chalked it up to the possibility he wasn't invited to the initial 105 man roster for camp and would join team after classes started.

EDIT: If he does take a track scholarship, that would preclude him from walking on for football.  That may be what happened if he indeed left the football team.


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Am I the only one who thinks its odd that the op thinks short and stocky means TE?

Dude is 5ft 6in.....that's like dude would get run over by DEs and RB in JV highschool ball


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Well he technically is "playing for Michigan in 2013"....if he graduated this past spring, he'll be doing track in the spring of 2013.  Maybe he'll feel part of the football team if his coach makes him run stairs at the Big House.


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and a pleasant one at that especially on a Monday where everything usually sucks. When he said "them" I wasn't sure which sport but he looked athletic and with my mind on September mode I thought football player so my mistake. Still means something if he's an NCAA athlete regardless of what he plays or participates in.

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The reason I included the Chris Maye note in my post above is that Maye is expected to walkon to the Michigan Football team but is not currently on the roster. He could walkon to play football as long as he did not accept a track scholarship.  If he was under scholarship for track, it would have to count against the football team if he played both sports by NCAA rules, and he does not have a football scholarship at Michigan.

NCAA rules limit schools to 105 man roster prior to the start of classes or first game.  After that though, other walkons can join the team and the roster expanded.  I expect this Whitfield and Maye will both join the team after classes begin. I am not sure if they will make dress or travel roster, but you never know.

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I was walking down the street with my family in Lake Geneva, WI this weekend, wearing my Michigan shirt.  An older gentleman stopped me and asked if I went to Michigan.  I said yes, and he said, "So did my wife and I!  GO BLUE!"  My wife just laughed that "You people are so weird" kind of laugh. 


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With the times he posted on the milesplit page, I don't think he's running track at Michigan.  Maybe he's going to be a football walk-on, after all.


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His height is obviously a limiting factor but if he's smart enough to hang around academcially and as fast as his numbers suggest he might not be good to have around for depth at running back, slot, or kick/punt returns.

Here's to hoping that he's not forced into service by attrition/injuries/etc, and if he ever sees field it's for his own talents.