Coach Beilein on Mike and Mike

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Title says it all, coach Beilein will be on at 9:00am this morning. Also he will be followed by Bill Self at 9:15.



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What do you guys think about this setup? Generally, basketball courts are smaller than football fields so does that mean the crowd is further from the game?


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I remember going to Piston games in the Silverdome.  They once drew 60,000 for a game, which was awesome, but most of the time the 15-20,000 or so they'd draw would be dispersed in this huge area and that was pretty crappy.  The view in the upper deck was awful.  The atmosphere at Jerryworld should be OK (assuming a large crowd - do Sweet 16 games played in stadiums sell out?)  but the sightlines will be bad.  Basketball is not meant to be played in places that huge.


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...curtain they dropped over the middle of the field, as I recall. One of the games I went to as a kid was the Pistons against the Bullets. Somehow my group of Cub Scouts and their families were given a trash bag full of popcorn to chow down on. Good times, man. Pretty sure Les Boulez won. Might have even been when Dickie V. was Detroit's coach.

Good times.


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I'm not sure exactly how it will be set up, but sometimes in these bigger arenas, they put seats on the field/floor.  And considering that Kansas is from Big 12 country, Michigan fans might be outnumbered maybe it would be a good thing if the crowd isn't quite able to be full strength against us.


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They'll proabably put the court in one corner of the football field and use temporary seating {insert Jerryworld temporary seating jokes here] around the other two sides. I'd imagine they won't sell seats in the upper decks on the sides with temporary seating. 

Usually, these venues tend to hurt outside shooting at the end of the court with the temporary seating at least initially, because there's so much visual space behind the hoop. Look for runs early in the half by the teams shooting at the opposite end. And best to drive the ball initially on the open end.


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The replay of the interview is now up on ESPN - (LINK)

Beilein touched on something that I know many of us here were hoping would happen anyway, that VCU's style of play would simply play into Michigan's strengths. Indeed, it was the case. Actually, the interview made me think of the analysis someone did a few days ago of turnover margin in the games that VCU lost, and we actually had one more than they did (12 to 11), but we didn't turn it over on the scale of VCU's typical regular season opponents. Discipline with the ball and some good transition offense simply seemed to zap the Rams' game. 



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Tim Hardaway Jr is also on the Jim Rome Show today. Rome's twitter didnt saw which time but. I'm sure he'll mention it at the beginning of the show