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Submitted by michgoblue on August 19th, 2013 at 3:14 PM

This is a follow-up question to a thread that I posted a week or so ago about seating recommendations for the opener for young kids.  I am attending with my wife and my sons, ages 2 and 6.

I have the opportunity to purchase 4 seats in one of the 400 level club seating sections (the outdoor, not the indoor, sections).  My thought process is that (1) the seats are larger / wider / more comfortable than the general benches, so more room for squirmy kids; (2) way less crowded concessions and bathrooms for frequent trips required by kids; and (3) somewhat reduced noise, in case either of them gets a bit overwhelmed.  I also understand that there is access to a club lounge, where there are large screen TVs so if I need to let the little guy get some movement in, my wife or I won't miss the game.

Any thoughts on the above?  I would love to hear experiences of those who have had seats in these sections.  Also, how is the view from up there?  Too far from the field?

Any info is, as always, appreciated.

Go Blue.


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Take it from someone who sits down low and takes a three year old. Your day will be very enjoyable up in the club seats. You're a little far from the action but all the benefits you mentioned outweigh that.


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Hi -

My seats are in the 300s, but I did buy seats in the 400s for one game.  It's really loud in the 400s - in fact the loudest I've heard.  The reason (I guess?) is because the secttion overhangs the stadium and the noise bounces right back at you.  I think I was in 406 and this was for the Air Force game last year.

You (1) and (2) are correct though.  It is definitely not too far from the field.

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They're awesome seats for sure.  Just remember you're pretty high up though.  The club seats on the east side of the stadium have the indoor lounges behind them.  These are great to go up at half or whenever to cool off, warm up, use the bathroom, etc.  I don't believe they have the same set up on the west side club seats.  I think there are dedicated bathrooms, but not the lounge.  You may want to check on that. Other than that, the club seats are really nice since they have cup holder, seat backs, some shelter above you (won't help that much if rain is blowing in from the west toward the east side seats), and a short walk inside. With 2 and 6 year olds, this situation would be ideal I'd think.  Good luck!


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My seats are in the club and it is the ideal spot for families.  Shelter, warmth, restrooms, food - all are easily accessible.  I can get up and go to the restroom during a timeout and not miss a single down! (aisle seat, restroom is right inside the door!) 

Having a chair back and cup holder for the kids is also a huge benefit.  (Especially in 2011 when they didn't have straws and lids for the cups.  Cost savings?)

If you can get the seats, go for it!


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and I've seen many families with young kids around me.  Definitely a better option for youngsters given the wider seats, cup holder, slightly better stagger for sight lines, easy access to bathrooms without the walk up 40 rows to get out of the stadium, etc.  They do have TVs so you can keep up with the action.  They have the radio feed going in the bathrooms, too.  Also, concessions easier to deal with as well as extra choices like ice cream and baked goods from Zingerman's.  [Warning to you if you want to avoid that!]

As for does get loud, but that's all part of being at a football game.


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You can go in even though the seats are outside.  There is a bar along the windows where you can sit and watch while your kids eat. We do this every game.  They have different food offerings from the 300 to 400 level, but you can go from level to level, all you need is a transit pass.  300 level usually has Zingermans, Red Rock BBQ, hamburgers, chicken sandwich, etc... There is also ice cream but that is CASH only and last season it was $6 per cone/bowl. My kids would not tolerate football if it weren't for the club.  Also, the bathroom access is great.  They usually have some TVs on the 400 level that show other games and sometimes even NASCAR. Yes, the club level folks are such WalMart Wolverines that they are watching NASCAR during the games (esp early season baby seal opponents). 


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Obviously what's been mentioned above were the pros:   box seats, bigger and less busy bathrooms, less busy concessions and more food options.  I went up with some friends to each of the two levels above my seats.  The 400s level I saw Lloyd Carr walking around which was sweet.  And then we got to the 600s level which was cool just to peak inside the suites.  I don't think we were suppose to be at either of those levels, and got a lot of crap by one of the ushers as were going back down the level (somehow had no trouble getting upstairs).


EDIT:  Well I guess you can go in other levels according to post above me.  I was a little drunk so I don't remember exactly what I was doing wrong.  Maybe I didn't have the right kind of pass or something.

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My experience is with 300 level on the east side. Great for kids. You can easily get to a bathroom, the seats are roomier (and divided by armrests) and there is plenty of room inside for a restless kid to wander around. If the weather is bad (beastly hot, or rainy) it's a great refuge. I see families up there, so it's not weird to have kids at that level.


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I'm sold.  So . . . how much?

Can ordinary people ever get them for a game or two?  The MGoBlue site does not sell them.

It might be a cool once-in-a-blue-moon thing to do for a low level OOC game.

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(3) somewhat reduced noise


Club seats, schmub schmeats.

Section 1 (NTS1) is the place if noise is an issue.


I've actually sat in the outdoor club seats before. I won a contest and got two tickets. It was nice and had the premium amenities, but at the end of the day I was kind of disappointed because the experience felt watered down.

When I went to my first game way back when I was 9, it wasn't just the game I enjoyed. It was the whole experience jammed in with 100K of your closest Saturday friends. Seeing all those people as a kid, yelling on third down and high fiving people I didn't know.


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It would be great for children. If they start to get bored and want to take a walk then you can easily go into the club and watch the game from inside either through the windows or on tv. That also is very good for when it gets very cold, and your kids will want to warm up.