Big Ten Media Day Open Thread

Submitted by M-Wolverine on August 2nd, 2010 at 10:09 AM

Coverage of Big Ten Media Day starts live on the Big Ten Network at 11 am, till 2 pm (and I think some on ESPNNews too). All the coaches are supposed to be covered. So if you can watch, and have any commentary or news, here's the place to discuss. (Rerun at 8 pm tonight for those who want to see for themselves).



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...Bielema recap at

I'll say this about Brett Bielema he's got a much better filter than I thought he did. There's a certain "still playing football" about him when he talks. You know he wants to drop an f-bomb, but checks himself. Apparently Bielema has been getting the DL on the shenanigans his players have been getting into through twitter. Also used the word "hazed" when describing how the players who pulled the twitter shenanigans were handled by their peers.


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He's a really good, young coach. I'm sure he'll get offers to coach at bigger schools, but I don't know if he'd leave because he really loves NW. With him, I think NW can finish in the middle to upper half of the B10 in most years. He could turn them into a team like Stanford and occasionally even make runs at a B10 title.


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I think he's one of those guys who will stay, unless he gets an offer that's just too good to pass up. He really seems to love the culture at Northwestern. When he was asked how to get more fans in the seats he mentioned both winning and keeping the culture. Good answer.


I think you're right that he could have NW contending on occasion. In a hypothetical West division where Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska all beat up on each other, NW could easily steal a few games and end up in the championship game. That would be just fine with me as NW is easily one of the least annoying Big Ten team.


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I agree that he's a great young coach who loves NW. At a certain point though, I think almost any coach thats ambitious enough to make it to the D-1 level wants to try their hand at a school that can seriously contend every year if offered the chance.

While Fitz might not take just any coaching upgrade, I find it hard to believe he would turn down Penn State (if Joe Pa retires), Florida State (if Jimbo Fisher is a bust), Florida (if Urban Meyer develops serious health problems) etc. if those schools were to come calling. Not saying that those schools will come calling, just finding it hard to believe even a loyal guy wouldn't bolt from Northwestern for a prime-time coaching gig.


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Do you think you're going to be fired? First question, like clockwork.

And then they show the Illinois record from last year, and the only team to play them worse than us was Illinois State. Sigh.


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"staying times 2 years has gone others seems like forever..."

QB question wins first (what Rich was taking a poll on). First couple of weeks of Fall will tell him who's retained the most. Healthy competition.


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"Had senior class over...small senior class...excited for senior one likes what's happened at Michigan". Fan reaction - "hey coach, when are we going to win more? Overwhelmingly Big House...great fans...hope to reward them with more wins"


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schadjoe RichRod: "I don't know much about what goes on in the summer." 

mikerothstein RR: "Nobody likes what's going on in our program the past couple years, especially the wins and losses."

varsityblue Cameron Gordon was one of the best players on the whole team this spring.

michdailysports Rodriguez: Fans say "Hey coach, when are we going to win more?" -- fans overwhelming positive to RR, "comes with the profession"


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"I'm not sure I understood your answer..."


Umm, that's probably because he was going out of his way NOT to answer that question because he knows better than to weigh in on divisional alignment. Way to waste everyone's time lady.


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Yea that situation seemed really awkward for me too.  I wasn't overly pleased by how he handled that question, I was hoping he would be more enthusiastic.  But if you would ask for my very novice analysis, RR has been through so much over the last two years that he, his staff, and his players have really taken a "one-day-at-a-time" approach.  Focus is a big word being thrown around and I think he is working on that everyday...