Austin Hatch to be Honored at Senior Day

Submitted by WGoNerd on February 15th, 2018 at 4:20 PM

I figure we could all use a little bit of good news given the events of the week so here's some.

Per multiple reporters, Austin Hatch will be honored during the Senior Day festivities before the OSU game this weekend.

I'm sure the NCAA won't let him dress, because they suck, but that's still delightful nonetheless. John Beilein continues to be a class act.



February 16th, 2018 at 11:21 AM ^

If you don't think there would be national outrage over the hypothetical severe punishment of JOHN FREAKING BEILEIN over a nothing violation to give a kid a well-deserved storybook ending, I don't share your skepticism. And I do consider myself a skeptic.


February 16th, 2018 at 11:19 AM ^

And you people are a little nuts.  First and most important, we have a pending request with the NCAA for Shae Patterson to be eligible for the comming season.  This is the worst time imaginable to pick a urinating contest with the NCAA.

Second, for all the grief the NCAA has given us (Ty Isaac, Mitch McGary, numerous requests for medical red shirts denied, shoulder shrugs to other schools' far more eggregious conduct...), this is the one situation where they have been totally cooperative, as other posters pointed out.

Third, it's not necessary.  Dress him.  Let him warm up with the team (a la McGary in the NCAA tournament).  Recognize him, but don't put him in.  Are a couple of meaningless shots really worth it?


February 15th, 2018 at 5:10 PM ^

but I thought that Austin graduated last year. Seems like I remember seeing a pic of him in his cap and gown on graduation day. I know that he has been on the bench this year, but I assumed that he was in grad school. I must be mistaken.


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I'm sure the NCAA won't let him dress, because they suck, but that's still delightful nonetheless. John Beilein continues to be a class act.

Why is the NCAA the villain here?

The NCAA is garbage in many ways, but this isn't one of them. When Hatch went through the accident, as I understand it, the restrictions on contact with recruits was substantially relaxed so that Beilein and Michigan could be there for him. Then, a guy who was a commit prior to a catastrophic life event and injury came to school on a scholarship and got to dress and see time in an exhibition game.

Following that appearance, he was transfered to a medical scholarship that did not count against the team limit, allowing Michigan to field a full squad while still giving him a chance to go through school.

Mind you, as a result of his injury, he was never going to be a factor in major college basketball, and players who get hurt before they enter college are often out of luck. Instead he got a free education and a chance to take the floor with the team. Michigan was able to do this, premeditated, with the full blessing of the NCAA--the Right Thing to Do.

The NCAA cleared the way for Michigan and Hatch. This is what you WANT from them, consideration for the need and harships of students, flexibility to recognize when something is and isn't a serious competitive issue, etc. To see them do everything we would want them to do and then trash them anyway is absurd. 

Trash them for stuff they deserve. Not for this. 


February 15th, 2018 at 6:27 PM ^

Why?  Because John Beilein didn't stash Austin Hatch on a medical scholarship to evade the rules.

If players could go onto medical, not count against the limit, and still play, certain teams would take advantage, so the rule is that once you go medical, you can't go back.

Appearing in garbage time on Senior Day for someone with a truly life-altering injury should be an exception.  I'd feel the same way if Hatch played for Maryland and he were going to take part in their Senior Day.

It would have no effect upon the outcome of that, or any other, game, and it would be a great moment for the Hatch family and for the Michigan community.  There is no downside here.  That is why the NCAA becomes the villain -- because none of us believe that they would grant a waiver to the letter of the rule that was in keeping of the spirit of the rule.

(Is it also a case of 'No good deed goes unpunished?'  Maybe, but my capacity to feel sorry for the NCAA is exceptionally low).


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And fiancee Abby couple years ago after a U of M volleyball match (5 set thriller win over psu).  Went to high school with Abby's dad so we met up after the match with my two daughters.  NICEST freaking people you could ever meet.  Austin was just so cool and gracious.  He and Abby are a truly special couple.  And their kids have a decent chance of being world beaters.  Love that he's being recognized.