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UM is tied with SDSU for 8th. Nova is 3rd. Kansas 10. Syracuse 11. Wisky 12.


EDIT:  the reason I didn't link was b/c the link wasn't out yet.  The AP hadn't updated it's site yet when the poll hit my desk.  Sorry.



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Florida, which finished an unbeaten season in the Southeastern Conference, and Wichita State, which completed an undefeated regular season, are the top two teams in the AP college basketball poll for the third straight week.
The Gators (29-2), who received 50 first-place votes from the 65-member national media panel Monday, open play in the SEC tournament Friday.
The Shockers (34-0) got the other 15 No. 1 votes. They won the Missouri Valley Conference tournament Sunday, the first team to enter the NCAA tournament without a loss since UNLV in 1991.
Villanova moved from sixth to third, while Arizona dropped one spot to fourth. Louisville jumped from 11th to fifth, followed by Virginia and Duke. San Diego State and Michigan tied for eighth and Kansas was 10th.
Kentucky, which has lost three of four, dropped out from 25th, the fourth preseason No. 1 to fall out of the poll in the same season.


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While I am waiting for Pollstalker to update, some of the assorted individual votes - 

- Seth Davis had us at 13th

- John Feinstein went with #8

- Dick Vitale did not moved us; still at #12 on his ballot

- Cormac Gordon of the Staten Island Advance voted us at #7

- John Wilner of the San Jose Mercury-News put us up at #5, as did Joe Juliano of the Philadelphia Inquirer

Blue In NC

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Can someone explain to me why Michigan is still behind Duke?  There must be a good reason for it.  Is it just because Coach K knows about leadership?

Blue In NC

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Just like Charlotte and Iowa State then?

Obviously Duke beat Michigan at Cameron - that was a long time ago and since that time Michigan has been the better team.  My point is when you look at the resumes of the teams, Duke is overrated compared to others.

oriental andrew

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It's because they played a marginally tougher schedule and, despite a couple worse losses, also have a few better wins according to the RPI.  Dook's 5 best wins are against RPI 10, 11, 12, 20, and 25.  Michigan's 5 best wins are against RPI 6, 22, 22, 23, and 35.  

There isn't much separating Michigan and Duke (and UVA, Cincy, SDSU, Iowa State, Cuse, and Creighton) for that matter.  Home team bias will always say, "My team is better than that other crappy team," but no point getting all worked up over it.


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... is an interesting team.  You just don't hear nearly as much about them, despite being the defending champs.  And then you look at what they just did to UConn... yikes.  


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Louisville's doing what they've done in most years under Pitino (aside from last year) - field a pre-season Top 10 team, hit a little bit of a lull during Jan/Feb where they fall off the radar for a bit, and then come roaring back in March just in time for Tourney season looking like a real pain to play against.  Last year, by contrast, they were pretty dominant for the bulk of the year.

If I was making a list of teams I'd like UM to avoid playing right now, Louisville would be at or near the top of that list.  Despite the loss on Saturday to Duke, I'd put UNC up there as well, along with Wisconsin.  I'd be more worried about playing against these teams than Florida, if that makes any sense. 

While I think Florida has a very good team, the fact that they haven't been tested in-conference very much will come back to haunt them in the mid to late rounds of the tournament.  It's not their fault, but have they even beaten a quality team this year?  They lost to Wisconsin out of conference, Kentucky turned out to be overrated and Tennessee is ok.  Everyone else in the SEC falls under the description of "not ok."  I give them credit for going 18-0 in-conference, but with the understanding that the SEC in basketball is simply a mid-major conference with brand name recognition.  Kind of like the Big 10 in a certain other sport that shall not be discussed today.......





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Lets see...we are 8th/9th and we have 8 more games left (2 B1G, 6 NCAA).  Keep winning and move up one spot each game.  Seems right place to finish :-)