American wins the first gold medal at Sochi Olympics

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An American won the first gold medal awarded at the Sochi Olympics.


Here's hoping we have the same success as Vancouver.

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edit #2: Sage Kotsenburg wins first Sochi gold medal for U.S. in snowboarding slopestyle final

As many may know by now, Halfpipe star Shaun White was expected to participate in the slopestyle event up until Wednesday, when he announced that a wrist injury had caused him to withdraw.  The US was given lillte chance to medal with Shaun.  But, we're Murica forgodsakes!





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Basically, don't make a title that says "Eddie the Eagle Jr. wins gold at ski jump". That kills it for anyone that looks at the site; anyone clicking on a thread that's clearly labeled with Olympic news is going to know that there's info in there. We're not going through and policing a "no spoilers anywhere" type deal.

Personally what I think would be best is an open thread for live and then labeling other news as no-spoiler, but something might work out organically that's better.

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Update: The PA system does not work properly.  For the remainder of medal ceremonies, Vladimir Putin will hold his iPod up to the micophone for all national anthems.


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I was wondering how the first thread would go, and this appears to fit the criteria mentioned the other day. Of course, knowing the humor of this group, we will eventually get a "[Thing] Happened At [Event] - No Spoilers!" thread at some point. I can see it happening, and yes, I would probably chuckle. 


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probably a good couple of weeks to avoid message boards. there are always plenty who like to spoil for some reason. even here.

the worst is the main streem media that do the same.

society is good at not spoiling all things except the olympics.