Allstate ad in Big House

Submitted by DGlenn26 on August 12th, 2013 at 4:40 PM

I searched and couldn't find anyone posting about this. But I'm sorry if it's already been posted.

When I was going through the media day photos I noticed that we will now have an Allstate ad in the nets behind goal posts (

To me it's not that bothersome, but does show how Dave Brandon wants to take a slimmer and slimmer definition of the "no ads in the Big House" rule.



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But I'd bet this was just for this event. We had ads for the Spring Game too. As long as they keep them out on Football Saturday I'm ok with it. 


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Football saturdays are the only non-ad (except ads for Michigan) time in the Big House. The spring game is now sponsored, as are score updates on Michigan's twitter account. Lest we forget Curly, the only reason 113,411 people went to the Big Chill


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The only ads in the stadium I would care about would be the ones on the video board. Stadiums that use 30% of the board for advertisements are just plain ugly. Other than that, I don't care about advertising. Vendors are all over the place peddling merchandise and services. The game program is basically just an ad book with a roster and a player profile. I don't think you'll ever see the stadium being "plastered" with ads.


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Wasn't there some kind of Children's Day thing going on in the stadium a few days ago?  The ads could be related to that.

If this net appears in a game, I'll be meeting the rest of you at the pitchfork rental counter.

True Blue Grit

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in person at an event last year.  He told me and everyone else in attendance that the dislike of ads by much of the fanbase was too big for the athletic department to put them in the stadium.  Still, he didn't flat out say he would never put them in the Big House either.  My personal belief is they will incrementally start putting ads up to test the waters.  And if the push-back isn't that big, you'll see the ads there on a regular basis for the forseeable future.  I do think it will be subtle compared to other schools. 


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I'm pretty sure the Allstate Good Hands Field Goal Nets are a NCAA partnership, not Michigan. I think its also has something to do about Allstate giving away scholarships.


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If those show up on Football Saturdays, that's a joke.

The Michigan Brand, including Michigan Statium, which DB seems to care so much about, is so valuable because it is not dilouted with ads.

Honestly, what is the point of the arms (read: money) race in college football?  We have TONS.  Our facilities are all brand new, there's no more scholarships to funds.  

Can we just let the experience be what it is, without trying to squeeze every last marginal benefit out of it? 

Bando Calrissian

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There are ads in the stadium concourse. If these are still around in three weeks, there will be ads on the goalpost nets. It's only a matter of time now... Prepare yourselves for the Belle Tire Replay and the Pregame Video Presented by Absopure. 

Dave Brandon will be able to say something like "Well, they've been in the concourse and the goal post nets, so we've already had ads in the stadium without incident. This is just another revenue stream for college athletics, and we can't be left behind. And, of course, the Hunter Lochmann quotes will write themselves. Because they're just cut-and-paste jobs out of marketing strategy textbooks.


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The "Good Hands" net means that now every field goal / extra point made in the Big House will create a monetary donation made to charity by All State.  So, I'll allow it.

Bando Calrissian

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For those wondering about the Allstate goalpost netting program, here you go:

"In 2005, Van Wagner Dorna U.S.A. conceived and implemented one of the most highly visible sponsorship programs in NCAA football, the Allstate Field Goal Nets program. Partner schools display the Allstate "Good Hands®" logo on the goalpost netting of 65 Division 1-A college football stadiums."

And more here:…

Apparently, the netting yields $300 per field goal and $100 per extra point for the school's general scholarship fund. In return, "product placement" and "brand visibility."


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Are you freaking kidding me?

I'll pay $300 per field goal and $100 per extra point to keep the ads OFF.

I'm not kidding.  This is totally unacceptable to have ads in the stadium and if it were to be acceptable, they would have to get a lot more than $1000 a game. 

Hell, I'm paying over a $1000 a game in PSDs per game. I can't believe those numbers are accurate.

Wolverine Devotee

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Nooooooooooooo! Not the sacred field goal nets!

Come on peeps. These nets have been around for quite some time. Maybe not at Michigan Stadium, but pretty much everywhere else. And I think Allstate makes a scholarship contribution for every field goal made in the Good Hands nets or something along those lines.