#1 vs. #2 tonight

Submitted by laxalum on April 1st, 2011 at 8:30 AM

The 3x defending national champion men's lacrosse team hosts Colorado State and Arizona State this weekend.  Michigan is ranked #1 and has a 67-1 record over the past four seasons.  They are 9-0 so far this season.  Colorado State is #2 and 6-0.  Arizona State is #3 and 7-1, with their only loss coming last weekend by a goal at Colorado State.  The concensus seems to be that if any team is going to beat us this year, it will be one (or both) of these two.  These should be great games.  It's a really good chance to check out lacrosse, Michigan's next varsity sport, if you don't know it well yet.  It's also a good chance to support an incredible Michigan team when they could use it.

Michigan vs. Colorado State is tonight at 7pm

Michigan vs. Arizona State (national championship rematch) is tomorrow night at 7pm

Both at Oosterbaan Fieldhouse


Go Blue!



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I hate to be a dick (about to say something dickish), but I don't care about club sports. It's like saying I won 6 basketball games in a row at the ccrb, I'm so good. Great forth club team, I'm sure they are getting some good exercise, but let's be serious UVA or Cuse would pwn them, hard.

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I don't think you hate being a dick because you felt the need to post you don't care. Next time, just move on to the next MGoBoard item instead of being a douche.

Whether you agree that this is high level lax or not (it definitely is), maybe next time just observe the say something nice or STFU rule. I'm not against criticism, just ignorant derision.


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That's like saying, "Yeah, I'm glad all those college football players are getting exercise, but let's be serious, the Packers and Steelers would pwn them, hard." It's ridiculous to compare team that don't play on a level playing field, and don't claim to be equal.

Anyway, your disdain for club sports is shortsighted and dumb. Club sports athletes work as hard or harder as varsity athletes, and get far less help. Many club teams don't have a coach or administrator, so the students themselves have to not only focus on competing at a high level, but also coordinate travel, scheduling, fundraising, and everything else they need to run the team.

Not to mention, the athletes have to pay full tuition, plus extra dues for being on the team. They do not get scheduling preferences from the university, nor do they get the academic assistance of varsity athletes. Furthermore, the varsity teams use all the athletic buildings on campus during the day, so club sports teams often have practice scheduled in the middle of the night or early morning. Everything they do, it's on their own. 

Plus, the lacrosse team is likely to go varsity in the next couple of years, based partially on their success recently. So, they are more likely to compete against the Virginias and Syracuses of intercollegiate lacrosse in the near future, and I would not be surprised if Michigan becomes a leading lacross school over the next 20 years. We have a great brand name, wonderful academics, and I'm sure Brandon and the AD will throw enough money at it to make it successful.


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hate to be a dick but you do such a nice job.

Those guys/women that play club sports are giving it 100% every play.  So what if it is  not a varsity sport yet.  Lax will be very soon.  It doesnt make Sports Center so its not "sexy"

They are Michigan Men that are playing for the Block M and Winged Helmet.  They are playing for us as well as themselves.

You certainly have a right to your opinion and you have the right to post it here.  But it doenst make it a good opinion.


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Great points all of you. 

They are doing great. But please calm down with this 3 times national champion stuff. Add Club in there. You are going to confuse people to actually thinking Michigan has a great lacross program. 

I'm glad they are playing, im glad they are doing well. Good for them. 

However, they would get dominated by any top tier "real" team. Period. So I dont get too excited by thinking that Michigan is beating other crappy teams. Its like the lions going undefeated in the preseason. 

Also, it doesnt make sports center becasue its not the best of anything, not because its not sexy. You know what does make sports center? Division 1 2 and 3 lax. 



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Always gonna be haters.  No big deal.  bcsblue's proudest personal sports moment may have been winning 6 games in a row at the CCRB (or in high school), and he's just looking for validation.

When I played the team was just starting to take things more seriously, and today's team is like night and day compared to what some people probably think of as "club."  Full time coaches and staff, recruiting, admissions help, great facilities, major sponsorships, televised games.  They aren't going to beat Syracuse tomorrow, but they are pretty much a varsity team in most respects and they dominate pretty much everyone else at their level.  I suspect they are probably much more respected by the varsity athletes and coaches than they used to be as well.  I don't know if I could have even made this team.  Glad I played when I did or my proudest sports moments might have happened in the CCRB too.