Weekend Warriors, Marvin Robinson Interview

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Tom VanHaaren interviews 2010 FL S Marvin Robinson.

 This weekend's game against MSU is not only an important one for the season, but possibly for seasons to come. This will be one of the most intriguing weekends, when it comes to recruiting. With big names like Travis Bond, Willie Haulstead, and Donovan Tate on tap to be on the sidelines, Rich Rodriguez and his staff have their hands full. One of the most talked about recruits, Marvin Robinson, will also be there, and could possibly make an announcement. Here's what he had to say.

TOM:  Do you think you’re team will make the playoffs this year?

MARVIN:  I hope so, our record is 3-4, and I have 3 interceptions so far, which is good. Our team is pretty young, so we’re trying to rebuild.   I usually play safety, running back, and WR; I try to help as much as I can.

TOM:  Since you’re only a junior, you’ve got some time to improve. What do you want to improve on?

MARVIN:  I want to be at 205 pounds, I’m at a 4.5 speed right now, I want to get that down to a 4.4. I really want to get my team to a state championship, which would mean a lot.

TOM:   What are you looking for in a school?

MARVIN:   My parents are real involved, we’re looking at academics, and which coaches are the best to get me to the NFL. I look at how different teams would put me in their playbook, since I play both sides of the ball. I have also been looking at the way they use their safeties, and other positions.

TOM:   You’ve got a visit coming up this weekend, are you excited, and what you hope to see when you’re up there?

MARVIN:   Well I’ve been there twice; I came last year for Penn State and for camp. I mainly want to look at the team, and talk to the coaches. I really want to talk to the recruits, and get to know them. It’s important for me to know the other kids. But, yea I’m real excited.

TOM:   You also said there’s a good chance you will commit when you’re up there, what will it take to get a commitment?

MARVIN:   There’s a chance I might, it just depends on what my family and I think and see.

TOM:   Are there any players coming up this weekend you’re excited to meet or hang out with?

MARVIN:   Ricardo Miller, and Lo Woods... I know them. There are a lot of recruits that I don’t know, and I want to get to know them. No one in particular.

TOM:   You’re one of the top recruits in the country, and you’re only a junior, has it been hard to deal with the instant fame?

MARVIN:   I don’t let that get to my head; I’m just focused on my season. I’m really trying to help my team, but it doesn’t bother me too much. I just stay humble, and stay focused.

TOM:   Are you helping to create the Florida buzz? What is everyone saying about our school to the north?

MARVIN:   A lot of people, like older people, say that Michigan is a great place. The school, academics, fans. All I hear is good news, which kind of helps all the recruits be more interested. We all keep hearing how good of a place Michigan is to be, so we all want to see it.


TOM:   Have you been working on any other players?

MARVIN:   Ricardo Miller I know has been working on Lo Wood. I talked to Chris Dunkley, when we were at the Florida-Miami game. I’m trying to get him up to the game this weekend at Michigan.

TOM:   Is there anyone from your class that you’d really like to see there with you?

MARVIN:   It’s still early; I’m still trying to feel everybody out. That’s why I’m excited for this weekend, to meet some more people.

TOM:   What position is everyone recruiting you at? And where do you think you’ll fit best? Or what do you ideally want to play?

MARVIN:   Most teams recruit me as an athlete, safety is my main position. I want to try to do a little bit of everything. I see myself as kind of a Charles Woodson type. I really think I can help out on both sides of the ball, but Safety would be my main position.

TOM:   People have said you already have an NFL body, if you choose Michigan are you excited to learn from Mike Barwis? Have you talked to him at all?

MARVIN:   I heard that he is a great trainer, and I heard about the players like Hart and Edwards that worked with him. I haven’t talked to him yet, but I can’t wait to meet him.

TOM:   Who has been the main coach recruiting you? Have you gotten a chance to talk with coach Schaeffer?

MARVIN:   Coach Rod Smith. He’s a good guy. I talked to coach Schaeffer once awhile ago, he runs a good defense up there.

TOM:   Possibly ending your recruitment this early can be either viewed as a good thing or bad thing, is it a relief knowing you’re this far along as a junior?

MARVIN:   It will definitely be a relief. How well the area is will be important too, my parents are talking about moving where ever I go. So they want to make sure they can get a job, and live in a good area.

TOM:   Has this season affected your thought process at all? Or are you more excited for the future?

MARVIN:   It hasn’t affected me at all, teams are going to have a down season. It hasn’t affected me. I’m excited.

TOM:   Tell me why anyone else should come to Michigan. What’s so great to you about Michigan?

MARVIN:   The legacy Michigan has with academics, and the history they have is amazing. Many great football players came from Michigan to the NFL. The academics to the football, I hear it’s a great place in general.




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His mom is a teacher at Auburndale high school, where Michigan has a couple potential 2010 targets. Considering his mom teaches there, Marvin is obviously familiar with them.

I have no clue what his dad does.