Inside Michigan Football (post Ohio)

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Couple thoughts:

Never underestimate the value of a good "coach's wife"

On the TD pass to Tay, Omameh had enough time and space to bend down and tie his shoe.  OSU sold out on max pass D yet still got torched.

Speaking of that TD, it was a great job catching the ball in traffic, but it was great awareness to turn and find the end zone. 

The free-flow camera action is a little nauseating.  It felt a little NYDP Blue-ish.

The Block M on Doug's mic seems to be out of proportion.  The "legs" seem a little too long.  Don't we have some sort of copyright on the exact dimensions of the M?




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It is so great to see how happy these guys are.  I think having this group of seniors made this season the way it was. 

I know JB Fitzgerald hasn't produced much on the field, but after seeing his reaction, I'm really happy that he stuck around.  He seems like great guy along with everyone else on the team. 


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I don't get it - if it's wrong to focus on the seven year winning streak Ohio had over UM, why did Hoke put up his clock with the number of days?  I've heard Hoke and some of the players say this, but then why the clocks?  

Could someone explain this to me?


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Brady was focused on the The Game, and isn't interested in comparing this team, that finally won The Game, to the previous seven teams that came away empty. He didn't want to disrespect the earlier teams as he acknowledged the effort they certainly put into it. The countdown clock was about this year's game and this year's game only.  Make sense?


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but the clock wasn't a countdown until the next game, it was a "count-up" clock since the last time we beat Ohio.  So politely, I disagree with you.  But according to what he said, I think it would make a lot of sense if it were a yearly count-down clock.


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Laura Hoke rocks!  Uncle Brady rocks!  I had never heard an interview with her before - I love her, what a great couple Brady/Laura make.  Makes it really look and feel like a family atmosphere.  Good for UM, our players and the program.  Little things like this do matter.


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Brandstatter: "From spring football to the victory over Ohio, what was the biggest improvement of this football team?"


Hoke: "They like each other."


Uhhhhhh, I guess Brady misheard the question 


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But I don't think he misheard at all. He's saying that the team came together, and got tight, working for each other, rather than individuals. That seems like "duh" for a football team, but it's not. It's one of the most important things to a team he's acknowledging, but it's often hidden to the public. People see talent, injuries, coaching actions, but never know what can sink (or raise) a team is in team leadership. Players working for themselves rather than the team can derail the most talented team. Teams that stick together and love each other achieve and over-achieve. This isn't created in a day. It's through winter, spring, and the fall. Who has the players ears, and who they listen to can determine how well a team does almost as much as talent.


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Van Bergen blew up the Ohio line, in the close up shots of Inside Michigan football.  I didnt realize that he dominated so much.  Shuggarts held him and he still beat him.  Number 75 from Ohio also held big time. 

He also has a cool quote about how they were perfectly balanced between confident and cocky.

Number 19 on Ohio totally held Koger on that TD pass to Hemmingway.  It looked like Denard may have been targeting Koger but Koger was kept getting held up by the Ohio 19... so the pass was there and Hemingway came out of nowhere to grab it for a sweet play.

It was reminiscent of the old 81 Chargers game vs. Miami where Fouts lobbed one in to the endzone where James Brooks ran across and caught it at the last second.…

Anyway... IMO both Hemmingway and Koger make NFL rosters next year. 


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Hey, do you think you could get one of the replays of the ACC championship game into a torrent? I could just DVR it, but I might want to do a diary breaking down the game and I can't do screen caps or anything that way.