Rank your coach picks? (and other stuff)

Submitted by M-Wolverine on January 6th, 2011 at 10:54 PM
Don't care if it's a list of one or twenty...rank your coaching choices.

And other stuff. It's only taking a bit over an hour and a half to hit 200. Maybe we'll go for 300 (of the non-Spartan variety).

Though about 75 of the last thread might have been about pizza....



January 7th, 2011 at 11:22 AM ^

1.gus malzahn
2.mike leach
3.I'd put someone here, but we all know it just won't happen(all the big names everyone else is saying)
4.Hoke (Glen Steele thinks he'd be a great coach and GS is a michigan great. He might do a good job he's just not a WOW factor name right now


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Rich Rod wasn't a hot name candidate last time around early in the process.  IIRC, the big names were Miles and Schiano, and Tedford and Hoke were side mentions.  RR didn't come up until very late in the game.

So with that in mind, here's a few that aren't being mentioned since nobody mentioned RR early last time around.  Not saying I'm huge fans of these guys, but you never know:

Tommy Tuberville

Tim Beckman

Todd Graham

Kevin Sumlin

Robby Hauck


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1. Harbaugh

2. Patterson

3. Peterson

4. Gruden

5. Dungy

6. Mariucci

7. Meyer

8. Belotti

9. Mangini

10. Heater


Under no circumstances should we hire "head case" Miles. I like Hokes quote saying "Michigan is his dream job" but realistically, there is nothing there to prove success is achievable with him as HC at Michigan.


Honestly I would rather have Kansas's old fat ass coach Mangino than Miles.


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Okay 1. Dungy is not coming to Michigan. 2. Mariucci hasn't coached since 2005 and he's best friends with Izzo and 3, Mangini? What has he ever done since leaving the Pats DC job? Oh he's gone 33-47 and has gone 23-41 if you ignore his first year at the Jets when he was playing with the previous coach's players. 23-41. Wow. 


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Has anyone even mentioned Corwin Brown? I know he's never been a HC and I understand that Michigan wants to hire a HC but there must come a place on Brandon's list where a coordinator should be ranked higher than the next HC available. Brown can recruit the midwest, he was a good coordinator at ND, he's a "Michigan man", and he' a defensive coach!

Skipping Gus Malzahn, who I don't think Michigan is interested in because he reminds everyone of Rich Rod but without HC experience (offensive guru, spread option run scheme, and no midwest ties) I decided to look at some more coordinators that I think should be considered (not 

necessarily hired).

Major Applewhite: Currently the assistant head coach at Texas. Was the OC for Alabama in 2007. He's only 32 and is beloved in Texas from his playing days (1998-2001). Could easily recruit Texas and Louisiana. However, he has no defensive ties and has no connection to Michigan.

Kirby Smart: The DC at Alabama since 2007. Defense constantly top 10 in rankings. He's just 35 and has played and coached around most of the south. However, he's connected to all the SEC cheap tricks with grayshirting. 

Corwin Brown: The current patriots defensive coordinator (and boy has that secondary improved this year). Former Michigan player and ND defensive coordinator. He's just 40 and he'd be the only minority Head Coach in the Big 10. Was an amazing recruiter at ND and was previously a special teams coach from 2001 to 2003! Maybe he could also coach special teams?

Brian Schottenheimer: The 37 year old OC of the Jets.  Has coached in college in 1999 (Syracuse) and USC (2000). Has been with the Jets since 2006. He's a future HC in the NFL it's just a question of when. However, he has zero defensive experience and he has no midwest ties.

Ron Rivera: The 49 year old DC coordinator of the #1 defense in the NFL. He was the first player with Mexican heritage to play in the NFL. He has midwestern ties from his playing career in Chicago (1984-1992), his coaching career in Chicago (97-98, 04-06) and coaching in Philly (99-03). He has switched from coaching a 4-3 Tampa Two at Chicago to a 3-4 in SD because of the personel, showing he can adapt to his players.

I don't get why Ron Rivera and Corwin Brown aren't ranked ahead of Peterson (every Boise coach has sucked since they left Boise) or Hoke (he might be good but has never proved it in a real conference) or Fitzgerald who 1) won't leave NW, 2) had the same Big 10 record as we did this year (3-5). Plus Brown and Rivera can both coach defenses!

STW P. Brabbs

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Huh, didn't know he ended up with the Patriots (but I think you meant to write Defensive Backs Coach and not Coordinator.)  Belichick seems to have a real thing for Michigan. 

I actually wouldn't be too upset with hiring Brown, but I don't think it's gonna happen.  No HC experience.


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1. Harbaugh

2. Rich Rodriguez

3-97. Rich Rodriguez

98. Darth Vader

99. Lex Luthor

100. Count Chocula (we might play more night games with him)