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09/24/2013 - 8:27pm Agreed. The douche level is Agreed. The douche level is getting too damned high on this board. I'm not sure if it's just because of the points system, though. It might be a direct result of its increased popularity and moving to the mainstream that dilutes out the quality posters. That doesn't stop me from visiting daily, though.
09/24/2013 - 4:19pm I know that this all in good

I know that this all in good fun, but who really does a consistently good job as a solo talk radio host? National guys like Jim Rome/SVP have a room full of people to keep churning out the topics, and are hardly in the same category. I really don't know of any, and stand by my Caputo reference. Even if you think he's an idiot, the man has been doing the job for a long time, knows his craft, and can fill a strange air time by himself with reasonable consistency.

09/24/2013 - 3:18pm I can't believe all of the

I can't believe all of the negative comments in this thread. I understand that a thread like this will bring out the vocal minority that for whatever reason dislike a radio show (see the many threads where other shows get blasted), but this seems over the top. I enjoy listening to Ira and wtka. I think the point that is lost in all the negativity are that it is a blessing and a curse to cover Michigan sports so in depth. We all tune in because we like hearing about michigan football, but the problem is there really isn't a whole lot of news to fill in multiple hours every single day. Sure, they do a good job during the football season, but how could you not ramble about a random michigan factoid or a game from 20 years ago when it's April and there hasn't been any real michigan football news in months?

I'm also surprised that Ira is being criticized a little about rambling. It is an extremely difficult skill to fly solo in a talk radio show. It is literally just you meant to fill the air for x amount of hours, and be sure to fill that air, too because nothing is worse that pauses or dead air time. Rants and long winded conversations with yourself are absolutely inevitable, and actually necessary. Combine that with the fact that you have no social cues to know exactly when your audience is losing interest, it makes it extremely difficult. Sprinkle in the fact that the audience is so niche that callers don't exactly light up his boards all the time, and it's a lot of Ira talking without it being his fault at all. I think Ira does a great job. I don't listen to many national radio talk shows anymore, and the only local guy that can really fly solo on the radio pretty we'll is pat caputo besides Ira. Again, I'm sure there are people here that don't enjoy his show, but I think he does a great job of keeping a show entertaining even if he doesn't have a cohost to bounce conversations off of. Pat has been doing this for decades, has many more topics available for him to cover, and has a much larger Detroit sports fan base to "turn it to the people" when he hits a lull. Let's give Ira some credit.

Keep up the good work Ira. I moved out of the area 2 years ago. I used to solely listen to sports talk radio, but when I made the move yours is the only talk radio I listen to anymore via the radio app. You do a great job and we appreciate it.

09/15/2013 - 12:50am We're you a big fan during

We're you a big fan during the horror? Nothing is worse than app state. Ranked #4. Coming off a season that many thought we should have played for the NC, senior star running back and quarterbacks that had been pegged to be national contenders for years, the future #1 overall pick. Bite your tongue, young man. Nothing is worse than the horror.

09/14/2013 - 5:19pm Crowd shot from MSU game...

Crowd shot from MSU game... Eww.

09/14/2013 - 4:54pm I'm all for jumping all over

I'm all for jumping all over the espn hype train,but I have to give them credit on the clowney case. They sure did hype him to insane levels, but he also got a whole hell of a lot of criticism after that first game. Between the first and second game there was some residual hype and discussion as to whether the first game was an outlier, but after two nondominating performances, I haven't heard that much hype on him. It only took two weeks to crush espn's golden boy, and that's not too bad.

09/14/2013 - 4:39pm Wow that was a ridiculous

Wow that was a ridiculous play. Even more ridiculous that TAMU caught it.

09/14/2013 - 4:24pm Watching this pass rush makes

Watching this pass rush makes me sad about our pass rush.

09/14/2013 - 4:16pm What's with manziel and weird

What's with manziel and weird sleeves?

09/14/2013 - 4:14pm Don't be silly. Nobody wants

Don't be silly. Nobody wants bama to win today.

09/14/2013 - 4:06pm Anyone else feel for Texas a

Anyone else feel for Texas a little bit? I know they snubbed us with joining the big ten and I know Vince young torched us, but for some reason I don't take the pleasure in them sucking as much as I do USC.

09/14/2013 - 4:03pm We absolutely did not stuff

We absolutely did not stuff them every time we got aggressive. I was surprised how well they seemed to pick up our blitzes and with our corners playing off so much it seemed like it was raining short slants for 8-9 yards a pop.

09/14/2013 - 4:01pm Manziel is looking sharp

Manziel is looking sharp today. I hate to say it but I thought his hype train was out of control. Those deep balls to single coverage are on point.

11/10/2012 - 2:05pm That is what always happens

That is what always happens on a standard play action pass.

11/03/2012 - 3:23pm There is no way that a

There is no way that a rational person can believe that at this point in their respective football careers Devin Gardner gives us a better chance at winning a football game compared to Denard Robinson. That thought is silly, in my opinion, but so is us arguing about exactly how awesome DG is right now. We both are glad he's on the team, and we both are looking forward to seeing him kick some butt next year, everything else is arguing over minutia. It was a good game. Go Blue.

11/03/2012 - 3:07pm Come on. Based on a couple

Come on. Based on a couple deep throws that could, no would have been picked off against better DBs? He has looked good today against a big ten bottom dweller, and I'm glad that the guy is having a breakout game, but all you need to do is rewatch the past few spring games to realize how silly you sound.

Furthermore, throwing mechanics? Neither Denard nor Devin are picture perfect throwers. Both have great arm strength, but your kidding yourself if you don't see DG short arming his throws.

11/03/2012 - 2:52pm Everyone needs to temper

Everyone needs to temper their excitement for DG a little bit. No, he is not better than Denard. We are all excited to have a QB option that could be a threat next year, but this is Minn.

09/08/2012 - 9:35pm We do know that Michigan used

We do know that Michigan used to run the triple option, right?

09/08/2012 - 6:51pm That's not true at all. It

That's not true at all. It completely depends on the injury.

09/08/2012 - 6:40pm Boomslang!


09/08/2012 - 6:27pm Still think we lose this one?

Still think we lose this one?

09/08/2012 - 6:05pm I was wondering the same

I was wondering the same thing. My guess is to get more speed and aggressiveness on the field.

09/08/2012 - 6:02pm I'm not as high on AF as you

I'm not as high on AF as you are, but I agree with you.

09/08/2012 - 5:53pm No. We have to whine about

No. We have to whine about Borges running Denard either too much or too little.

09/08/2012 - 5:46pm Our offense is moving the

Our offense is moving the ball at will, as it probably should be against this defense. Our defense is certainly not calming any concerns from last week, but it is a defense designed to line up against pro sets and zone read options. I am not sure how much struggling against this team tells us going forward.

09/08/2012 - 5:36pm Seriously? Did you watch

Seriously? Did you watch 2008? This is nothing like 2008.

09/08/2012 - 5:32pm There is a whole lot of doom

There is a whole lot of doom and gloom on this board today.

08/31/2012 - 10:48pm I agree, wolverine historian.

I agree, wolverine historian. MSU should pull this one out. The later it gets, the less of a threat Levon Bell will become, but I think Sparty will reach the end zone again before it's all said and done. I don't seeBoise getting another TD. Good game, though.

08/17/2012 - 1:36pm I hope for the best, and the

I hope for the best, and the fact that he's moving all 4 extremities makes it less likely that there was cord involvement, but it doesn't rule it out. Not at all. That being said, there are tons of people who present after a neck injury who turn out to have musculoskeletal problems and their spine is fine. No one can honestly know what's going on through the internetz.

08/15/2012 - 7:50pm EhrMagerd dehrnerd

EhrMagerd dehrnerd

08/15/2012 - 7:12pm Where's Molk? DOOM.

Where's Molk? DOOM.

03/16/2012 - 2:30pm congrats

Congrats.  It's a great program, and more excuse to go to Ann Arbor on Saturdays in the fall for "visits".

02/18/2012 - 2:34pm Mary Alma Mater

CC pride. I'm happy we are continuing the nice pipeline from a powerhouse in state program.

10/13/2011 - 6:35pm huh?


09/15/2011 - 10:30pm LOL

owned. Well done, Brian.

09/11/2011 - 7:18pm EMU

but they've got hart.

09/11/2011 - 12:52am Go Blue

That was amazing.  I dont even care that i have to wake up for work in 4 hours.

09/11/2011 - 12:52am Go Blue

That was amazing.  I dont even care that i have to wake up for work in 4 hours.

08/28/2011 - 11:56pm me too

I hope you know that your wallpapers are still on the desktop of wolverine fans everywhere, Monumental.  You have a gift.  I can very much understand having responsibilities outside of our little haven from stress known as mgoblog.  I do hope you have the time to pop in with some masterpieces now and then, though. 

08/28/2011 - 11:48pm haha

that gif gets me everytime.

08/28/2011 - 12:13am Thanks for the update, Ace.

Thanks for the update, Ace.

08/27/2011 - 4:31pm I was surprised when I heard

I was surprised when I heard Steele say that, too.  I think the Northwestern and Illinois of the world are getting a lot of hype these days, and that makes our schedule look more intimidating than it actually is.  In the end, nobody really knows how it is going to shake out, we will just have to wait and see.

08/26/2011 - 1:36am Uconn was scheduled years

Uconn was scheduled years before they were "relevant", so the outlier is Alabama. Brian has a couple well written posts about how surprising it was for that game to be scheduled. I don't like how the current system rewards schools for playing cupcakes either, but I am not going to kid myself and pretend like that isn't reality. In a perfect world, we would play all top 25 teams, but in the current system, an Appalachian state rematch is more intriguing to watch than western Michigan rematch.

08/26/2011 - 1:23am Fair enough, agree to

Fair enough, agree to disagree. It's pretty surprising how polarizing this issue is, though.

08/26/2011 - 1:22am ""You have to play crappy non

""You have to play crappy non conference games" couldn't disagree with you more".

That's what I disagree with, for clarification.

08/26/2011 - 1:05am In the current climate and

In the current climate and financial structure of the NCAA, I couldn't disagree with YOU more. The programs with large fan bases (read: the good programs) stand to gain a lot more money by playing home games than traveling to another stadium. Couple that with the fact that higher bcs ratings=more money, and that the norm is to schedule cupcakes, it all adds up to it being relatively imperitive to play a couple cupcakes in you non conference. That wasn't my original point, though. Do you really think scheduling Appalachian state is robbing us of a Marquis non conference game? I really don't think so. We are substituting eastern michigan for app state, and that's an upgrade entertainment wise.

08/26/2011 - 1:04am The point of the post was not

The point of the post was not to debate the crappiness of the current NCAA scheduling, but you are grasping at straws if you think that the only thing standing between us and um v Texas opener is app state.

08/26/2011 - 12:51am Positive

Positive- I get to enjoy a much more intriguing matchup for the opener than usual.

In all honesty, as a fan isn't that all that matters. The rest is just mumbling about the fact that we're supposed to be above this, or worrying about what if we lose. It's all nonsense, don't be afraid to play a game. It's a given that we were going to schedule a cupcake game in that slot, and I challenge you to find a more intriguing one than App State.

08/26/2011 - 12:42am I can't believe how many

I can't believe how many scaredypants there are in this fan base. Why would you not want a rematch? The entire argument of "if we win it means nothing, and if we lose it's a disaster" is nonsense. As jmblue said in the previous thread, that argument can be said about whichever Mac/div IAA opponent we schedule. I am really surprised that there are so many people that want to take their toys and go home after getting crushed in 2007. This is college football, you have to play games, you may lose some. You have to play crappy non conference games, and I can't think of a cupcake opponent that I'd rather see than Appalachian state.

08/25/2011 - 11:48pm Yep. Before they got the

Yep. Before they got the super awesome new building, though.