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01/29/2012 - 11:44am Probably a good idea to stay buckled up

They'll see you before you see them. Click it or Ticket.

01/29/2012 - 11:35am Breaking The Ohio Stronghold

We ALL should get a rise about taking any live, moving, body with football potential from Glenville. Making in-roads with the coaches and younger players at one of the best player producing high schools in the country is never a bad thing, especially when that HS is a pipeline straight to the shoe. I think Hoke and Mattison have already shown about how much they value the star ratings of recruiting services, you know, like by producing a solid defensive product with such lowly 3*'s such as the aforementioned Clark, Jake Ryan, or Desmond Morgan (all of whom made a significant inpact as freshman). If they say Henry deserves a spot on our defense, and he's at a position of need, and it helps us potentially swing some of his buddies our way, and away from Ohio, in 2013 or beyond, I fail to see a reason why we should complain about signing him (if and when).

01/24/2012 - 1:54am Nothing wrong with a little window shopping is there?

I can learn more abnormal psychology reading Bucknuts than reading my textbook...

01/24/2012 - 1:01am This certainly isn't bad...

It's a slow night on campus so i've been altrnating homework with trolling the OSU message boards for the better part of the evening. We have no direct confirmation whether this is true or not, but if there is ANY validity to the rumor then this could be very very good for us. Even if Meyer wasn't late, the Bucknuts were convinced Reeves would commit on the spot.

By not bowing down to "Urban Renewal" immediately and without condition, Reeves has made him public enemy #1 to the Ohio blogosphere. It isn't quite Kalis levels, but over the course of 4 hours I've seen the opinion of Reeves go from future freshman all-american to selfish, ignorant, family values hating scUMbag. It's honestly amazing how quickly the people drinking the Koolaid on those boards turn on their own recruits.

01/24/2012 - 12:02am **Reeves Update**

Apparently Meyer showed up late for the visit, and Reeves came away unimpressed. All the fine Ohio folk on 11Warriros and Bucknuts are already accepting him commiting to Michigan as a foregone conclusion; they're even starting to squirm a little.

Obviously no one truly knows what's going on, but things are looking up!!!…

10/25/2010 - 12:30pm Is there any new news on

Is there any new news on Dawson, Frost, or Duggan?  Even if Kinard can figure out how to multiply Linebacker is a MAJOR need (evidently apparent everytime another RB cuts back for 40 extra yards) for this class.  Kellen Jones is a good start, but without  added Star power, preferably of the 4-star variety, we could be looking at another couple of years of blown zone coverages, missed gaps, and Ezeh like pancakes...