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03/18/2019 - 2:53pm Umbig11 mentioned this a…

Umbig11 mentioned this a while ago.  Not a major deal.  Bummer to miss spring but with a full fall camp should be ready.

03/06/2019 - 2:53pm I second that it's amazing…

I second that it's amazing the NCAA itself hasn't standardized the basketballs.  Is it the same in football?  

Back when I played (just high school) the basketballs were different at various schools and it really did make a difference.  I could never get used to the Nike balls- were more slippery and felt different shooting...maybe turned into a mental thing.  Loved the Spaulding TF-1000's.  That's what we used in our home gym.  

02/27/2019 - 2:25pm A few favorites as main…

A few favorites as main courses:

- Lean Cuisine pizzas- okay not the best thing ever but surprisingly good.  Cheap and around 300-400 calories and fills me up. Buy in bulk when on sale and store in freezer.  Have one probably once a week.  

- Leftovers- love me some leftovers

- Homemade burritos- I help the wife with a ground beef, bean, salsa, cheese, etc... mixture and roll into tortillas.  Makes around 20 or so.  Wrap in aluminum foil, pop in freezer, take out of freezer in morning, thawed by lunch, microwave for 45 seconds...beautiful.  

Usually pair these with an apple, greek yogurt, granola bar throughout the day.  I also work at a university / hospital so plenty of good food options that I hit up probably once a week.  

02/27/2019 - 10:11am Here is page I view for this…

Here is page I view for this.  Good information.  Updated as of 2/25.  UM's chances of being the 5 or 6 are likely lower now due to the Wisconsin loss last night.  Still most likely scenario is the 3 seed.

12/28/2018 - 8:52pm http://www…

You can get instant tickets emailed to you through ticket exchange.  I got a good deal here yesterday.

12/15/2018 - 6:53pm If true, I get it and wish…

If true, I get it and wish the players well.  Still- those players legacies will always be a little tarnished from my perspective as a fan.  These 2 thoughts are not mutually exclusive.  Just the truth for I bet the majority of fans.

12/06/2018 - 9:41pm I live in northern suburbs. …

I live in northern suburbs.  Traffic is awful here but luckily should not be a problem Saturday morning before the game.  From Buckhead would be 20-30 minutes including parking.  Even from Sandy Springs would only be around 30.  I haven't been to the new stadium yet so don't have any insider tips on directions.  It's only a mile or so off the highway though.

10/21/2018 - 8:07am The only scenario I see that…

The only scenario I see that UM wouldn't get in is if LSU beats Bama and both run the table and both Clemson and ND also win out.  That'd put UM against Bama for the last spot and I think UM would be out.  So- we actually need to root for Bama.

10/10/2018 - 2:39pm Time for a well-timed wheel…

Time for a well-timed wheel route!  M ran a play against Notre Dame, beginning of 2nd half I believe, where Evans ran a wheel that was covered but Shea hit Nico on a post for a long gain.  Like to see that again.  

04/17/2018 - 12:05pm To be seen...

We'll see in the fall.  It's going to make it difficult for the returner in some instances...if you can hang it to the 5 the returner will now have to decide whether to fair catch (an unnatural thing to do) or bring it out.  Making it a difficult decision will be key.  Indecision on the returner's part could lead to disaster. Some coaches might practice to fair catch everything but some might practice to bring it out more.  

All this to say I actually think the change will be negligible and having a weapon like James Doug Foug is still valuable.

03/04/2018 - 11:07am Tough to know

At this point it could be minor or major depending on what it is. The freep reports it was based on ekg but star's brother says it is same thing star has. If it's some sort of arrhythmia, or even WPW, it can be treated. If it's LVH on ekg that's pretty normal on ekg for athletes and would depend on echo. An EF of 45% like Star's is not really a big deal. It's when it drops below 35% (like fairley reportedly) or if it's hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or some other congenital thing then it's a problem. Seems to me it's something they are just being conservative with and want stress tests or repeat testing.

07/25/2017 - 12:00pm Methods

As the OP said the methods are so flawed here.  It's like saying 99% of people in a depression clinic with symptoms of depression have brain chemical changes.  Well, no duh.  Now, I'm not saying there is no link between playing football and CTE as their inherently probably is; but until a longitudinal comparison study comes out we really have no idea.  Just wanted to reiterate that here.  

05/05/2017 - 7:47am Fantasy Footballers

The Fantasy Footballers is a great podcast.  It is independent, 3 mid-30's guys who are friends and family men, smart, entertaining, great sound, analytical, and accurate.  It's a good mix of humor and analysis.  I found them in prep for fantasy football a couple years ago and I've found it has really helped me with fantasy football and keeping up with the NFL in general.  

10/28/2016 - 1:43pm Jumpman

Anyone notice the Jumpman shoes perfectly framed in the car photo?  Hidden message?  LOL I know that it is not.  Still, can't hurt that the kid likes Jumpman am I right...

10/13/2016 - 12:13pm More Simpson

I suspect we'll see a lot more of Simpson at the 1 and Walton at the 2.  Walton fits the 2 more between them because he is probably best as a spot-up shooter / cutter type than top of the key facilitator.  My guess is that Simpson, Walton, and MAAR will take all the 1 and 2 minutes, with Watson a back-up wing.  

Also, I would lower Wilson and raise Robinson- I'll believe it when I see it with Wilson.

So, My guess:

1- Walton 40, Simpson 60

2- MAAR 60, Walton 40

Wing- Irvin 65, Watson 20, MAAR 15

Wing- Robinson 70, Wilson 20, Irvin 10

Post- Wagner 60, Donnal 30, Davis 10

08/24/2016 - 11:59am Fantasy Footballers

The Fantasy Footballers are awesome!  I've listened to every podcast for the past year (I have an hour drive each way to work).  Entertaining, reasonable, you are listening to guys having a conversation rather than talking heads and 'hot-takes'.  I've learned so much about how to really play fantasy football and stay informed.  

08/04/2016 - 12:09pm Agreed

Prefer noon games right now for that same reason...often I could get the whole game in (say 1:30-3:30) during my kid's nap...spend time with my wife and kid after the game, then catch the end of the 3:30 games and watch night games...perfect saturday!

08/04/2016 - 10:50am Alone at home on slightly-delayed DVR!

Last fall I tried a new strategy that I ended up loving:  on DVR!  Never thought I would like it, but take a noon game for example, I could start watching at 1:30 and catch up to the live action around the start of the 4th quarter.


- An extra hour and half of my life spent with my 2-year old

- No nervous energy during commercials or half-time, just fast-forward right to the next play

- Fast-forward through any general pre-game nonsense (always watch the run out on to the field of course

- Still watch the game live by the 4th quarter 

- Makes me avoid any irrational in-game message boards / twitter


I did always have to check at the start of the game to triple-check that it was recording, that I had enough space, and that I extended the end time by several hours. Not for everyone and honestly wouldn't probably have done it if not for my 2-year old, but give it a try.   Usually my wife would leave after my child's nap, so typically alone.  

06/20/2016 - 11:16am We play arguably the 4 worst

We play arguably the 4 worst teams in the conference once (RU, NW, PSU, MINN), so not sure it's that great. Granted, the road only is nice.

02/19/2016 - 8:22pm Pretty sure based on the

Pretty sure based on the rumblings at Rivals that it is another stress fracture of some sort.

01/06/2016 - 2:51pm LeVert injury

There was some chatter on Rivals that Levert may have re-injured the same foot that he had surgery on, not just a sprained ankle.  No one seems to know and it was more 'have an uneasy feeling' rather than any facts, but that's likely where the tone of the question came from.  Color me a bit uneasy until he's back on the court. 

12/16/2015 - 10:22am probably correct

I would agree with your choices except possibly at flex.  Have to go with Williams and Johnson at this point as they are both top 10 backs this week.  Really can't sit Baldwin right now and Decker is so consistent.  At flex, Forte probably has the highest floor but the lowest ceiling.  So, if you need a lot of points, I would consider Evans or Tate (especially if CJ is limited) because they could potentially boom.   I don't like playing Thursday night guys on the road (Evans), so that alone might sway me against him all things being equal.  But, Vincent Jackson is out and Evans should get a lot of targets.  I wouldn't consider Tate over your other options unless CJ is limited or out. 

04/04/2014 - 2:53pm Not happening

This scenario is simply not happening until someone at a lower level of basketball tries it and succeeds.  Whether it statistically increases the odds of winning or not, no coach is going to "cause" their team to lose the game.  By "cause"- I mean providing an action rather than an inaction.  The action being to foul and in most cases, cause your team to get behind.  The inaction is to play defense and let the other team create the "cause" of getting ahead (or remain tied).  Psychologically this is a big's the same reason football coaches punt on 4th and short...they don't want to directly cause their team a disadvantage. 

I remember reading about this in the book Scorecasting if anyone is interested.

12/10/2013 - 8:03pm Change intentional grounding

To the first question about helping the defense- One of my peeves watching football lately is the fact that the QB is allowed to chuck the ball out of bounds (past the line of scrimmage) when outside the pocket.  To me, this is stupid.  In essence, the defense wins, but instead of a hypothetical 5-yard loss, it's back to the line of scrimmage. 

To help the defense, the rule could change that a receiver has to be at least in the vicinity of the throw.  Basically, remove the in the pocket or outside of the pocket distinction.  Maybe this would be considered radical, mainly b/c it is so ingrained in football (how many times have you heard an announcer say "great play by throwing it away")...but to me it is a pretty asinine rule that the QB can just chuck it out of bounds without attempting to complete the pass. 

04/17/2013 - 2:18pm How about 6 fouls?

One suggestion I would add is to make the foul limit 6 instead of 5 (like the NBA).  Too often the best players are on the bench because they pick up 2 fouls in the first half.  Best players on the court = better basketball. 

01/22/2013 - 1:23pm Rebounding is a skill

In my experience playing ball, rebounding is a skill.  A rough analogy to football is a receiver being able to locate and catch a deep ball.  It is a skill that transcends size/speed that relies on hand-eye-body coordination.  Like rebounding, size/speed/jumping helps all things being equal, but there is an innate difference between the Manningham's and Hemingway's (great deep ball catchers) and the Breaston's (not as good deep ball catcher).

My keys to rebounding (in rough order)

1. Desire

2. Positioning (2 feet from the hoop or 4, which side of the rim, boxing out, etc...)

3. Hands (hand-eye coordination, securing the ball)

4. Judging the ball off the rim/timing the jump- (Dennis Rodman was the best at this)

5. Size/leaping ability (unless a clear mismatch...i.e. 6'10" vs. 6'4".  In general, 6'7" versus 6'9" does not matter.)

12/14/2012 - 3:32pm Beauty of it

The Beauty of this type of offensive set is that it has so many options and keeps the floor spread.  If the offense attacks correctly, one mistake by the defense gets an open look. 

As stated, if Morgan wasn't open, Hardaway was being set up.  Stauskas can blow by his man if he chooses (though not the top option).  If Morgan does not get the ball, he likely goes to the corner and allows McGary to roll into the post.  If neither of the above work, the ball goes back to Burke and probably a high pick and roll.  Also, on the first pass, if the wing defender is overplaying, Morgan (switch him with Robinson in your head) would backdoor cut and the whole lane is open.

I played in a similar offense in high school, except the two posts played a little closer in (one on block area and one on elbow/free throw line area). 

There are a lot of variations that can be run with different player movements to avoid the defense knowing what is going on.

This type of offense is about reading and reacting to the defense.  That is why it is a little surprising that the freshmen are playing so well...i.e. sometimes it just takes reps to feel comfortable with the floor spacing, movement, etc...

Overall, good analysis.  Hope to see more. 

12/07/2012 - 1:00pm Awesome

Instant classic...very nice work!  Honestly, all seem to be spot on except for Burke.  Have you tried to switch Burke and Eso (I believe that's Eso...#41)? 

One of my favorites is Bacari...just fits perfectly.

12/01/2012 - 8:47pm Shouldn't Matter

This is basketball we are talking about.  If the guy is good enough to lament a wasted redshirt year, he would already be in the NBA.  Name me 1 redshirt senior that has every been an above average player at UM?

11/20/2012 - 2:06pm QB recruits in Division 4 MHSAA game

One interesting MHSAA championship game, at least from a QB perspective, is the division 4 game- Detroit Country Day against South Christian (Friday at 7:30).

Detroit Country Day is the home of 2014 QB prospect Tyler Wiegers, who has visited UM and is on the radar.  South Christian has a 2015 QB prospect by the name of Jon Wassink who has put up very good numbers recently.  He's a young kid (obviously), but he has good size, athleticism, and throws a nice ball.  Not sure Wassink is a high major prospect yet, but certainly MAC-level one at this point. 

11/16/2012 - 2:58pm should be taken down

This is probably from a personal phone call that Balas did not want to spread free on the internet.  Still good news...

11/06/2012 - 3:37pm Wife days

I think you mean 2 wife days...and yes, there will be 2 in '13 and '14 but only 1 in '15 and '16.  I think that can be seen as a positive...for a number of reasons!

11/05/2012 - 10:29am Gallon

Just a hunch, but my guess is Gallon.  Would be a nice number for a receiver/returner/jetsweeper.  Plus, Gallon has one more year and is well-respected it seems by the coaches (albeit so is QWash).  I just don't see #11 going to a D-tackle but I could be wrong.   

Also, it's not like they are really matching positions for these honors...Gerald Ford to Desmond Morgan and Oosterbaan to Ryan (yes Oosterbaan played some D but primarily known as an end) ends that argument. 


10/08/2012 - 1:03pm Gibbons

I didn't see this mentioned but I think it's time to give props to Gibbons (and Hoke for the psychological turnaround) again.  He was dead-center on every kick...the one he missed was 44 into the wind...which clearly his range his mid-upper 40's with no wind, so can't really ding him there. 

I still can't believe this is the same guy that shanked about every kick his Freshman year. 

10/05/2012 - 12:48pm Good points

That's a really good breakdown.  I don't have data to back this up, but it seems like he has a propensity to give up multiple hits in succession and have the big inning (3+ runs).  

I think Porcello would be an above-average pitcher in the NL with a great defense behind him.

10/05/2012 - 11:39am Thoughts

Game times are 12:07 PM Sunday (MLB network only) and 9:07 PM Tuesday.  Sort of interesting that Sanchez is going before Scherzer.  Maybe Leyland wanted to give Scherzer an extra days rest (Wednesday will be 6 days rest).

I give the advantage to the Tigers because the A's in general do not hit well for average, strike-out more frequently, and rely on big extra base hits (mostly HR's).  Feeds into the Tiger's starters hands, who are all (somewhat) strike-out pitchers. 

09/07/2012 - 9:59am She posted last week

Mgoweather is alive and well, see this post from last week,

Posted in diaries FYI.

01/08/2009 - 10:35am Still Fun

This team is still fun to watch in my opinion, and that is really all I ask for at this point. I honestly didn't think we took too many bad three's. We are going to live and die by the outside shot, clearly, and while this may lead to a few disappointing losses, it could also lead to a few upsets on hot nights. This team is clearly limited and I would be happy with any tourney seed and a 1st round loss. I love following a real basketball team however.

12/29/2008 - 11:30pm Merritt

Merritt seems to be a calming influence on the floor. That is something that cannot be measured by the stats. Grady is much, much improved, but he still is a little bit "wild". Grady is a more dangerous player, but I think Merritt sets up the offense better and makes quite a few little plays that are hidden from the stat sheet. BTW, remember that Grady probably could have played FB in college. Probably would be a good slot receiver or kick/punt returner. Granted I've only seen mainly West Michigan kids play high school football, but Grady was one of the most explosive running backs I've ever watched.

11/10/2008 - 10:29pm my richrobots story

I ordered a shirt back in July (the Grand Rapids shirt, not Mgostore, but...). Initially they said it was out of stock and that I'd receive it in a few weeks. I said ok. My credit card was charged at this point. So a month later, I emailed them because I had not received my answer. Continued to email answer. Finally, in early October, I wrote a more nasty email, and this time it went through. They said my previous emails went as spam, I say yeah right. So anyways, after a few pleasant reminders, they finally refunded me in late October and also said that they'd send me my shirt complementary. Still haven't received a shirt of course, although I do have a usps tracking number...which says that it hasn't been sent. I don't think they actually make shirts. They just scam people. Bottom line, never ever deal with richrobots, but if you did order a shirt, you should be able to get your money back in time.

09/18/2008 - 3:25pm richrobots are terrible

Brian, you need a new shirt provider, ASAP. I ordered a shirt from richrobots in mid-July (not from mgostore, sorry), paid for it, and still have not received it. I've emailed them numerous times asking for an explanation, but I get no response. Bottom line, they run a pretty shady business if you ask me.

08/18/2008 - 12:01pm Re: ACC

I really think Wake deserves a spot in the top 25.  They are returning one of the top defenses in the nation and are pretty solid all around.  The ACC is tough to figure right now, but Wake will be able to shut people down all year long with that defense. 

08/18/2008 - 11:31am well

I doubt Rodriguez would be gushing over the team no matter what they do in practice.  Balas posted a RR press conference quote from a year ago and it was the same type of coachspeak.  Personally, I think he is sandbagging a little bit.  Feint praise is about all a coach will give this time of year. 

Excited about Shaw, McGuffie, and Odoms.  Sure, they will be green, but they are fast, fast, fast. 

07/21/2008 - 5:32pm thanks Thanks for your perspective and even though I am no expert in yesterday's or today's recruiting, what you said about actors on the red carpet rings true in my head.  My problem is that some of these kids think they are stars before they ever step foot on campus.  They are sort of mini celebraties.  Maybe that's how I just perceive it, but I think times have changed a bit in that respect.  BTW, I just recently moved to north carolina, in winston-salem, and love it.
07/21/2008 - 2:33pm honestly Honestly, I sort of wish that we could go back to the days where we didn't know anything about incoming freshmen until they were on campus for fall practice. Even 10 years ago, all I knew about incoming freshmen were local kids or conversations like "hey, I heard we got a good running back", etc... All this hype and speculation and message board rumors just is not good at any level, for the kid or the university. However, this is probably an impossibility at this stage and I understand how curious recruiting can be for fans/vital for the program. Just my thought for the day I guess.
07/14/2008 - 3:16pm Calvin Bell Ahh the forgotten 2001 season. I also enjoyed the "calvin bell reverse". We need a new designated reverse guy, I nominate any of the small, electron guys like odoms, trob, or shaw.