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06/08/2018 - 3:09pm All aboard the POSbang train…

All aboard the POSbang train!   Seriously, I need help getting up to 100 so please bang away!!!!

Go Blue!!!


01/27/2018 - 2:25pm my thoughts exactly

the OTL report is all old news being repackaged.  So far there's nothing solid indicating a lack of appropriate oversight much less a coverup, either with Dantonio or Izzo.   It's not right to want them to go down over a scandal that has little or nothing to do with their programs.  

01/02/2018 - 1:34pm greetings classmate

Also '91 here, and I share your memories. I think Bo's feeling was that beating Ohio was the best prep for winning the national championship, but he just didn't like to say that.  I agree it did feel a bit provincial though. 

I'm with you, I think Harbaugh is going to find his rhythm and we will be back to elite status.   It's way too early to give up on him; it's just going to take longer than any of us would like.