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10/21/2016 - 2:58am London Bar for UofM Alumni Group

There is quite an active London UofM alumni group (I haven't gone lately due to work but used to organise events a few years ago).  But they will have a viewing party at Belushi's London Bridge, 161-165 Borough High Street, SE1 1HR, to get there the nearest tube station is London Bridge on the Jubilee Line.  Otherwise, there is a chain of American-style sports bars called Sports Bar & Grills (you can google them) and they regularly show American football (as does a place called the Riley's in Haymarket but I havent been there for a long time so do not know what it is like, used to be like a London-scale version of Scorekeeper's) (both collegiate and NFL, with the branch in Marylebone station being a huge place for NFL viewing on Sundays, particularly with their being a game in London at Twickenham this Sunday) , and they may be willing to put the Michigan game, but most of the sports bars have been claimed by various alumni groups so particularly if Florida, Ohio State or Texas is playing it may be difficult in various bars to find a screen to watch Michigan.  Definitely the best chance is Belushi's in London Bridge.  Anyway, hope that helps.  Have a great time in London and in Ireland.

11/12/2015 - 12:47am The Michigan alumni group in London will be watching in

Belushi's Bar in London Bridge (161-165 Borough High Street, SE1 1HR).  If you take the tube (Jubilee line) to London Bridge then it is very near there, you can find it on google maps just by typing in the post code SE1 1HR.  Kick-off is at 8.30 local time.  I hope you have a great time in London.  

08/28/2013 - 12:03pm UofM Alumni Group in Paris

There is a group in Paris as well. I have never gone to any of their events but they have a facebook page as well which you could use to check regarding game viewing: link.

08/28/2013 - 7:09am There is still a UofM alumni group in London

We will be watching the game at the Sports Bar and Grill in Victoria station this weekend.  You can join our facebook group here: link.

08/24/2011 - 1:22am After living in London for 4+ years

I would say that the most competitive major league is the Bundesliga and even in the UK some argue it is the most exciting league.  The EPL is always going to be won by one of 5 teams (Arsenal, Man U, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea), so either you get behind one of these teams and support them loudly or you support a team who you are hoping can sneak into the Europa League, which is accomplished by finishing in the top 8 of the EPL.  The Europa League is the second tier international club cup, whereas the Champions League is the top tier international club cup (the usual contenders for these Europa League spots include Tottenham, Everton - not this year, Aston Villa, Stoke, Fulham - probably not this year, Bolton, Sunderland).  Then all other teams and some of these teams listed for the Europa League will also flirt with demotion.  But the point is that teams that are not amongst the top 5 will play quite negatively (defensively) when they play against one of the top 5, so you will see teams bunker into defense like you saw in the Champions League game you watched, particularly when they are on the road against the top 5 just trying to get  a point for a draw as that point could be the one that keeps them from being relegated at the end of the season.  This happens in most leagues though.

The two best teams in the world play in Spain in Real Madrid and Barcelona, but that league is on strike right now and it seems like it may drag on for some while, as both sides are saying really nasty things about one another in the papers.  

Italian football is riddled by match fixing etc on a regular basis and even when it is not, I do not much care for it.

But in short my advice would be to choose a team in the league you can see most regularly and easiest, as it is no fun to support a team you cannot watch.  Then watch them in all of the league and cup games across the season -- each country has at least 2 national cups (the English ones have huge tradition and history) that teams will play for during the season in addition to the regular league games and then if you choose one of the top teams you will be able to watch them in the Champions or Europa League (i don't know if Europa League is shown in the States or not but it is a fun competition as well, if you have a team to support).  Also, I would suggest finding a bar to go watch the games, particularly if you live in a city in America where there will be immigrants watching the games live as soccer is all about the fan atmosphere.

Then in the summers there are always the international competitions to get sucked into either the World Cup, Gold Cup, European Championships, African Nations, ... And here you will be able to cheer on the players you begin to enjoy watch playing in the league you choose to support.

09/16/2010 - 2:44am These are brilliant

I think I first learned of them from this site, and every Monday is like Christmas for me now.  Thanks for all of the hard work and sharing it for free.


09/05/2010 - 4:44am Two questions

1) Does anyone else think that Michigan should have called timeout before the UConn TD play? It seemed to me that as the half was nearing the end a timeout there may have had little adverse affect and would have allowed the defense to gather themselves to try to make a big stop on UConn.  Probably wouldn't have mattered seeing how Michigan struggled spectacularly in short yardage plays yesterday, but just curious what ideas might have been as to why not to call timeout there?

2) I was disappointed to see so few depth players get significant playing time.  I know that the game wasn't a complete blow out but I felt like the last drive Michigan had could have been conducted by the second string offense, maybe they would not have effective and therefore it would have been a bad idea, but anyway, it seems like some key players on both sides of the ball played late into the game during which time the game had already been decided and therefore just leaving them open to the chance of picking up a needless injury.  Anyway, it is nitpicking I know but again just curious of others thoughts.


Other than that a great win, and I am hoping that next weekend I will feel as positive on Sunday.

09/05/2010 - 4:38am Thank you Tom, Brian & mgocommunity

I find it amazing that Rothstein can report what he did and then after seeing the video posted on this site, edits the column by removing the sentence about Tate being the third person leaving the field.  Is that how it works? You write a report and then when something is proved false then you retract that part of the story and expect that the community will believe the rest of the story is still 100% accurate.  What kind of Mitch Albom-ish reporting is that?  Don't let the facts get in the way of a negative report to try to steal the thunder from a good win by the UofM football team.  Unfortunately, from reading the comments over at the community seems to be quick to accept the story as 100% accurate. Then, the editor edits the article to include mention of Tom's interview with Mike Forcier.  And I see that Carty crawled out from whatever rock he was hiding under and is posting on the NYT Quad blog and is more than happy to pump out his buddy's at least partially incorrect story.  

Anyway, thank you to those of you here who help to get the full story out there.  And as far as Tate if he wants to quit then he can quit as far as I am concerned.  I just hope that at some point he grows up and doesn't regret quitting in the face of adversity.

08/27/2010 - 11:52am Yeah great post Coach

Made me start thinking about my favourite memory of the Ohio State games, and for me it has to be the '97 game.  I was a senior and with some of best friends and we were having a grand old time, and I still remember those amongst us who decided to rush the field and those who decided to stay in the seats and just the atmosphere was awesome. The images of Charles Woodson with the rose in his mouth strutting around the field after the game, and just the mayhem of the students on the field.  And then the realisation that I had to go to the Rose Bowl and cheer on this magnificent team on more time.  It was great.  


And initially, I wasn't as upset as others about the plan to move the date of the game til earlier in the year, but I must admit that well written pieces like this one have started to get me fired up about the topic.  

08/22/2010 - 8:28am London, UK

In addition to Henry J Beans, you can add the Sports Cafe ( , Sports Bar and Grill (  and Bodean's (

06/10/2010 - 1:17am In the heart of London

I cannot wait for the World Cup.  I love the game of soccer in general, but the buzz over here is amazing for this tournament.  So myself and a few other Michigan grads are going out to watch the game together in a pub in town.  Should be a good time, will be decked out in USA gear inside the pub but will cover it up to and from as I am not looking to get killed.