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Hello Brethren,

In Brighton/London UK for work this week/weekend and looking for a good place to watch the game this weekend. I'm staying in the Chelsea/Fulham area of S London so any recommendations will be much appreciated. Doesn't have to be nearby, just a good atmosphere with other M fans/alums or CFB fans. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.



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That's link you sent out hasn't been updated in years. I'm going to be in Mexico City for the Penn State game but nowhere on this site is there anything about where to watch a game there. I've emailed both of the contacts for Mexico City and one guy responded and said he hasn't been in touch with the Alumni in the area in over ten years and the other email was dead. 

I've done all the google searches in English and Spanish and nothing has come up. So my only choice would be to ask the board and suffer through all you snarky assholes until someone finally answers who knows something.

but go on, act like a jerk to this guy who just wants to see the game in London.


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Game will be at 7:30pm local so most places should be open. Google maps shows a few options.near where you'll be. Say hello to the Thames for me.


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rabble, rabble, where can I watch this game in my house? Rabble, rabble, I'm in a submarine for the weekend, can anyone point me to a good coral reef that has cable coverage? Random joke, random joke, looking for a bar in AA, any suggestions? I only have two beers left and the game hasn't started yet, where can I go to buy more? Will sling box allow me to watch the game? I don't have cable, do local restaurants and bars have televisions inside them? 





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Was in London for lions game and heard about sports bar, but nobody could point us to where it was.
Also for the op sports bars, in general, are not a big thing over there. Everyone kept telling us go to HIppodrome casino for US sports, but they couldn't even get the um-minne game on. They did have all the NFL games though.


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I'll be at the Breezy Acres Psychiatric Hospital this weekend taking care of a little anger issue. And that I hate my mother. Anyone know a tv in the facility not playing reruns of Jeopardy?

Asking for a friend.

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We never had this many people ask "Where is the UM bar in ___" last year.

Just another sign people actually give a shit about our football team.



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is nowhere near london. That's like saying you are in Grand Rapids/Chicago. If you are in London, enjoy London.  If you are in Brighton, that's quite different.  That being said I go to Brighton quite a bit and have no idea what to do there and would love a suggestion.