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08/26/2010 - 2:42pm It Must Not Happen (but probably will)...

Brian... and fellow MGo...whatevers, this is a daily must read for me.  I love the passion of the this rivalry!  If they start playing this game in October (or even September!!?) then we have all sold our souls to the devil.  We will have allowed television/media to meet us "down on the crossroads" and the deal will be complete.  This is nothing but a money grab and we all know it.  I don't think we can actually do anything to change it (really), but we are all doing the next best thing... not going down without absolutely screwing up their season/goal/objective.

We are stakeholders in the greatest rivalry in sports.  Period.  It does not matter if either of us is undefeated or winless, as long as we win the last game of the year against the antichrist, doesn't our winter pass along much quicker?  Doesn't our future look just a little brighter?  I'm not even talking about the "for all the marbles" games!  If we cannot have the cold, bleak, rain/sleet, gray heaven of a bleak November sky, then what is left?  Nothing.  The deal is complete.  See you boys down at the crossroads...