MGoPodcast 4.2: Surviving The Danger Zone

[DOH: this didn't get FPed when I posted it at nine.]

Not terrible. First couple minutes got cut off, though, so the start is a little awkward.


OFFENSIVE LINE WHAT. We are concerned. I do think they are coming from everywhere, FWIW.

HELLO FUNCHESS. Welcome to our lives. FWIW, the guy who applied "the Funchise" to Funchess first was indeed Scott Burnstein of the Oakland Press.

DENARD: ACCURATE? Seems like it. We're still being careful. 

HELLO FRESHMAN LINEBACKERS. We're a bit less enthused about this development. Ace likes it. 

DL: WHERE IS IT? Seriously. 

JEREMY GALLON 2011. Someone return him to functional status please. 

THIS LEAGUE! Man, we spent all last year complaining about the Big Ten. Hope you liked that because we're going to keep doing it. I ask Jamie if Purdue is the favorite in the Le-whatever division. We talk about Minnesota making a bowl in the Le-whatever division. The Big Ten. 

SONGS.  "Highway to the Danger Zone," Kenny Loggins. Obligatory. "Paint It Black," The Rolling Stones. "E-Pro," Beck. 

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San Diego Wolverine

September 11th, 2012 at 3:37 PM ^

A much better podcast (as predicted in the intro).

Enjoyed the discussion of the freshmen. Agree that it's dangerous to keep saying that we're playing the young players now so that we'll be better in two years (the same story for the past four years). 

Really interesting insight on Fitz' blocking.  Hadn't heard or read that anywhere else, but it makes sense that it would be one of the key reasons that Denard was able to spring forward since the OL is obviously horrible at this point.  

Can someone answer the question, "Where's Roundtree?" Is he still nursing his injury, or is he just bad? I don't think there has been enough discussion about the player who was awarded the Desmond jersey (somewhat undeservedly I would say) and then invisible and outplayed by a 5'8" receiver, a repurposed QB, an unheralded true freshman TE and even Coach Hype's son...

Solid analysis of the Big Ten conference, though someone needs to inform Jamie that it's pronounced "Ore-gen"; not "Ore-gone".  Need to check out the Minnesota blog...