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06/06/2018 - 8:18pm The responsive mobile sight…

The responsive mobile sight is extremely frustrating to view in locations with limited or intermittent reception, see eg, the NYC subway system. 

11/13/2017 - 1:50pm KFaTAotW totals

The totals for KFaTAotW are off. Brian gives #1 = 3 points, #2 = 2 points, and #3 = 1 point. When he started doing ties, against Cincinnati and Air Force, he split the points among the tied players. But since Purdue, each player in a tied position got the full amount of points.

I️ think the new rule makes sense. The are fake points we’re talking about. But the tied players from the Cincinnati and Air Force games should get a retroactive bump. New totals would look like this.

10: Bush

6: Hudson

2: Kinnel, McCray

01/29/2016 - 1:36pm What about OL experience?

Question for the next case study: Any correlation study on OL experience & YPC.  I would have guessed that that has a larger effect on YPC than RB exeperience (which looks to be near nil).

12/02/2015 - 9:58am Mortell made up the category

Mortell made up the category and then awarded it to himself. Well played, sir, well played.

10/21/2015 - 3:08pm Logged in to upvote.

Logged in to upvote.

10/08/2015 - 3:13pm 16-6 Michigan

16-6 Michigan

09/02/2015 - 3:21pm Utah 27 - Michigan 20.

Utah 27 - Michigan 20.

Purely a betters pick, too many people picking Michigan.  Hope I'm Wrong!

01/01/2015 - 10:52am A day later, I finally got

A day later, I finally got the reference in the post title. Bravo.

01/01/2015 - 3:45am "A lesser athlete would have

"A lesser athlete would have gone down!"

12/29/2014 - 7:51pm I believe this is not the

I believe this is not the first time he's done a similar thing. Makes sense, he wants championships and better players around him.

12/29/2014 - 3:07pm I'm here to pre-order the

I'm here to pre-order the book, thank you, please.

12/11/2014 - 1:29pm The_Knowledege is hedging

The_Knowledege is hedging again.   "Will unhappiness turn to happiness eventually?"  -  Logically, that must happen. If the hire succeeds, fans will be happy.  If the hire fails, he'll be fired, and fans will be happy. 

10/05/2014 - 1:49am My take on Rutgers. Fans were

My take on Rutgers. Fans were docile, my only away game comparisons being Penn State and Uconn. Fans would make comments towards us but with no vitriol. Fans had a very low football IQ. I think I knew more of their players (2?) than the season ticket holders around me. They could not grasp the concept of horse collars, PI, clock stoppage, and Gray Nova having not being good before. Student section was solid, loud and coordinated. Michigan fans were about 20 to 25%. Good showing, but UConn last year was legit 50-50. Not sure they would have rushed the field but for the police presence to prevent people from rushing the field. Bathroom situation was silly and slow. One side of the stadium, the end zone away from the video board, looked like a high school stadium.

08/25/2014 - 9:38pm Nice place, but that's

Nice place, but that's Buckeye country.  I suggest your Hotel room, less you get heckeled with comments about The Horror.  

02/13/2014 - 1:03pm Aarball...bench reaction

My favorite part about Aarball is the Ohio bench reaction --- there is absolutely none. Whenever an M player puts up a 3 in a similar situation, the bench rises in anticipation of a bucket. The Ohio bench seems to already know the disappointing outcome before anyone else, like an inverse bizaro Josh Bartelstein.

02/04/2014 - 9:35am I mean #TheRuturn doesn't lay

I mean #TheRuturn doesn't lay out a time table for return to the court, but the fact that he's rising and grinding suggests progress on his condition.  It's good news, at the least.

01/23/2014 - 3:37pm I was suprised to see the

I was suprised to see the night games and afternoon games with higher viewership than the early games.  I guess there is less competition among other games and/or the west cost is waking up late.  Do you think this is part of the reason Michigan had so many late games? Putting a desirable team in a "high output" time slot should result in even higher ratings. Also, how does playing on BTN effect viewership numbers?


I'm actually curious about a team like Uconn.  They played 5 (!!) night games (Townson, Maryland, Michigan, Louisville, & at Temple).  I remember being suprised that M was a night game, because they already had 4 night games scheudled.  How much do they benefit in viewership by playing so many night games?

01/23/2014 - 3:18pm I'm not your guy, buddy. 

I'm not your guy, buddy. 

01/22/2014 - 10:16am Cheerleader reaction on the pull back three

On the orginal broadcast angle of the pull back three, look at the female cheerleader under the basket seated closest to the M bench.  She senses impending doom as the Stauskas releases the ball, has a near double face palm when it drops, and then quickly composes herself (there was still time for the perfect cheer).  Pretty classic.

12/20/2013 - 2:52pm Oh Good, OP posted in

Oh Good, OP posted in comments.  More places to neg.

12/20/2013 - 2:49pm Signed in just to neg the OP

Signed in just to neg the OP

12/06/2013 - 3:21pm I was also bothered by the

I was also bothered by the fact that the flag in M-Wolverine's avatar displayed an M logo that is no longer licensed Universite and discontinued several years ago. 

12/06/2013 - 3:17pm M-Wolverine sucked.  Glad to

M-Wolverine sucked.  Glad to see him go.  I'm a frequent reader for many years, but I don't comment often.  I'd specifically avoid commenting on threads where M-Wolverine was involved.  He would really be suffocating to discourse.  I was frankly suprised to see him banned, but kudos to Brian for pulling the trigger.

12/01/2013 - 8:57am No photoshop skills but...

Can someone have him spinning basketballs on the fingers? I'd find that funny.

10/20/2013 - 8:26am These newfangled spread

These newfangled spread offenses need to stay off my lawn!!

/throws rock

10/11/2013 - 5:11am Nice breakdown

I haven't read FFFF in about a year. Ace's break down skills have become much better and I really enjoy the mini picture paging. FFFF is now required weekly reading. Good job, Ace.

10/10/2013 - 9:51pm 24-13 Michigan.

24-13 Michigan.

10/04/2013 - 9:41am 51-13 michigan

51-13 michigan

10/03/2013 - 1:27pm Oh

Oh, and I was a kickstarter, FYI.

10/03/2013 - 1:21pm Address Switch

I moved since the football preview was sent out.  Can I update my address for this one?

09/25/2013 - 10:15am GIF Suggestion - Missed One - First Down Fail

The last Uconn offensive play, where it was 4th and 29, the receiver (frighteningly) caught the ball for a 26 yard gain.  A full 3 yards short of the marker, the receiver pops up and signales first down.  Pretty sweet fail.  I saw it live, so I’m not sure if there was good video of the move, but I saw it later again on SC highlights too. 

09/23/2013 - 10:28am Defensive Stat

Gardner was credited with one (1) tackle.  I believe he touched the DB down after his first INT.  (I realize there is no need to touch a player down in college, but that's what it looked like to me).

09/11/2013 - 6:14pm Sounds good.   I find myself

Sounds good.   I find myself skipping those anyway (except you, Mathelete).

09/11/2013 - 6:12pm Co-Sign

20% is not an exaggeration.  40% of my scene is just empty blue side bar with no content whatsoever (no links, adds, no nothing).

09/10/2013 - 6:00am Same issue on the 4S as well.

Same issue on the 4S as well.

09/09/2013 - 10:38am Yeah, I'm sure there's a

Yeah, I'm sure there's a Clowney cam each game.  It's what the people want to see.  That being said, it is a bit lame.  At least Manziel is on notice of the camera.

09/08/2013 - 5:56pm Devin Photo, all timer

Good god, that top Devin photo is an all-timer.  Upchurch takes nice game photos, but this one packs so much meaning into one photo, I'm amazed.  There's UTL2 (and all the hype/riveraly assoicated with that), Ole' 98, and Devin's ferocity.  It's so artistic it almost looks like a drawing. Bravo sir, bravo.

09/05/2013 - 9:32pm I only clicked bc I thought

I only clicked bc I thought Karan was a girl. I'm now disappointed?

08/27/2013 - 9:09pm That's against pretty good competition

Red Bank Catholic (RBC) is ranked #10 in New Jersey by Max Preps, so this isn't against terrible competition. FWIW, Pepper's Parumus Catholic team is #1 in the same poll. It was updated today.


(Info requires site registration, which is free, but you can momentarily see the info before the membership wall goes up)

08/27/2013 - 6:18pm Agreed

I've spent several hours reading these today.  I hate the preview crunch. We're only half way through! 

08/26/2013 - 1:23pm Agree

I like the picture, not the new font. 

08/20/2013 - 1:01am Co-sign the OP. Big fan of

Co-sign the OP. Big fan of Myerburg, and he is a good follow on twitter. This was a remarkably detailed preview when he's pumping one out for every FBS team. He did miss the Marvin Robinson transfer, saying he was in competition for safety, but I'll let that slide. Very fair preview and prediction from an "outsider."

08/10/2013 - 12:33pm PANIC!!1!


08/10/2013 - 10:56am Jackson did block well,

Jackson did block well, pretty perfect in fact, but it was against microman Terry Richardson. You'd expect nothing less from your senior with a 40 lb advantage.

08/10/2013 - 10:53am I think it was "get your hand

I think it was "get your hand out of his mask" not mouth.

08/10/2013 - 10:26am Someone UFR Plz

That got my heart rate going. I thought Q looked great, made the tackle nearly every time. Pipkins looked a step behind but promising. I'm going to watch x5 with my HTTV roster next to me. Someone UFR Plz!

07/21/2013 - 9:09am Yeah, winner. Definitely have

Yeah, winner. Definitely have to go with some variation of a MSU couch burning.

07/21/2013 - 9:06am Not bad

Not bad

07/19/2013 - 2:18pm looking to hit 250 points. 

looking to hit 250 points.  Anybody help?

07/16/2013 - 2:45pm THIS.