Wings Win again in Kalifornia!

Submitted by the_big_house 500th on January 10th, 2010 at 1:56 AM

Yes it's spelled wrong to sound like you know who. The Wings end their Pacific vacation with a 3-4 series result. Detroit beat Pheonix 5-2 to start the trip then lost 4-1 to Anaheim in their first game then in their trip to LA the Wings held on last minute to beat the Kings 2-1 and tie the trip at 1-1. Then tonight they delivered a beat down to the San Jose Sharks to win 4-1. Let's break her down! Middle in the 1st it's San Jose who gets on the board early with a goal from Patrick Marleau but it was the Wings that stole the show in the Shark Tank. Jimmy Howard once again did the job to keep the Sharks at bay. Early in the 2nd Pavel Datsyuk gave Detroit the tying goal but it became a slaughter soon after. Late in the 2nd Patrick Eves made it 2-1 then 2 minutes later it's Danny Cleary to make it 3-1 and finally in the 3rd it's the hustler Darren Helm to put the game away and give the Wings the 4-1 win over the 2nd place Sharks.



January 10th, 2010 at 2:33 AM ^

This team amazes me.

With a roster so depleted, I don't know how they manage to beat down a squad like San Jose.

Just imagine how it'll be once we get these 7 guys back in the lineup.


January 10th, 2010 at 12:37 PM ^

I just can't wait for all three to be 100% healthy. I am sure that Cleary, Fippula and Hank are all hurting somewhat and therefore not playing to their fullest capabilities yet, meaning they are playing more cautious that usual. When these three get 100% they should be dynamite, plus Cleary will have the Olympic break to rest a bit.


January 10th, 2010 at 8:54 AM ^

I love how all the Howard bashers are constantly having to eat crow night in and night out. I can't help but think spending 4 years in Grand Rapids began to wear thin on Jimmy and he needed a change of scenery. I don't really see why people were knocking on him in the first place.

The plus side of this is it presents the Wings with their first goaltender logjam that they haven't had in years. Howard, McCollum, Larsson, amazing! Granted it wont become a problem in at least two years, but a nice problem it is.

It;s funny, I'm scanning the list of GRG players and I see Andy Delmore. He never even got a sniff with all the injuries. It's amazing how far he's slipped off the face of the hockey universe since his Philly days.


January 10th, 2010 at 7:44 PM ^

How do you figure them being a low seed? They probably wont win the Central, but they're only 6 points away from 4th. Every team above them has at least a game up on them and they have 38 games left to play. That's plenty of time to make up some points and reach 4th.

However, I wont really care where they end up as long as they're in the playoffs. No team really scares me. Chicago has Huet. SJ is well... SJ. Whoever wins the Northwest might end up with less points than the 4 seed. The only team I wouldn't want to run into that is in the current playoff race is Nashville.