Washington State v. UNLV Friday Night Football Thread

Submitted by justingoblue on September 14th, 2012 at 9:17 PM

Hi, my name is Justin, and I have a college football problem. Thankfully, I know there are a lot of other college football addicts around here, so I'm in good company.

Scoreless through the first five minutes, UNLV has the ball back after forcing a three and out.

Also, I have a mini cool story bro from today: I managed to eat a Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready while drinking Rock-n-Rye underneath my block M flag next to my Gordie Howe autographed painting for lunch today. Also, I just picked up a minikeg of Two Hearted. Can't wait to cross the border for (probably) the Northwestern game in six weeks.http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/545498_3807960394262_774961920_n.jpg



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Washington State jump balled their way towards the end zone in what looks like a preliminary draft of the "air raid". The PAT was more or less dead on. 

UNLV now making sure that it takes no less than six or seven Cougars to tackle a rusher or receiver, but now Washington State gets it back thanks to UNLV adopting the high pass as a go-to play for  quick yards. 


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Last week I was in the area--staying with my sister in White Lake.  At around 9:30 at night I talked my daughter into driving an hour to Lafayette Coney Island. l had 2 loose, and then ate one of her coneys.

Nice interception by the Cougs.


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I miss Rock-n-rye. And red pop. Faygo is the best. You just made me wish I could get back to Michigan almost as much as a cider mill with cinnamon donuts hot off the vat. Almost. But not quite.
/cool response bro


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The Rebels are proving themselves adept at losing receivers in favor of the sheer awe of Connor Halliday's passing technique. Actually, it was vintage Leach on that play with the two-back formation. 

So, in kind, UNLV shows everyone that Washington State also has a secondary that suffers  from either progressive myopia or hysterical blindness. 14-7 now. 

EDIT: Bump. Set. Spike on the tipped pass. Incomplete in the end. 


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Not College, but on a related note, Aquinas is playing Don Bosco on ESPN2. Michigan 2014 target Corey Holmes had a great catch over the shoulder of a defending corner on a pass deep.


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So does anyone think Mike Cox will hit 100 yards tomorrow? Or get a TD? Not in a "oh shit" way, but more of a "meh, let's let him have some good times.

Or am I just overthinking stupid stuff and I should stop talking now


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You can almost hear the shouts of "AIR RAID!" in Pullman now- Connor Halliday is starting to look pretty good shredding UNLV through the air now. 

EDIT: You know, if WSU doesn't rough the passer or get called for PI, it's probably their ball right now. Is there some sort of rare condition where you commit penalties which result in automatic 1st  downs on 3rd downs?


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That Cougar cornerback should mix in some weightlifting.  OK they complete it on him, but then the reciver spends the last 30 yards shoving the corner off him.


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WSU is approaching 250 yards of passing offense in the first half with a shade over five minutes left. In  vintage Leach fashion, UNLV is getting shredded from the air. Conversely, UNLV promptly shreds WSU in kind - the PAT makes it 28-17 Cougars. 


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Unfortunately one of our conference brethren got struck by a major injury:

My MSU fan friends (what can I say? I'm friendly to a fault [this is when I wink]) tell me Fou Fonoti suffered a stress fracture today and is expected to miss several weeks. He's less of a loss than, say, McDonald or one of the interior guys would be, but still a big deal. I guess this paves the way for Burkland to re-earn his starting spot (started last year until his season-ending injury vs. ND). 

I'm always bummed when kids get hurt, so this sucks.


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Thinking it might be a bigger loss than McDonald, but maybe I just underrate guards.  Certainly McDonald has the bigger pub.  Everyone says McDonald is the best lineman, and it's not like I can tell the difference.  I just think tackles are a big deal and with Fonoti decent, my knee jerk reaction was this is big.  Perhaps, I should have read your post more carefully.

3 seconds left in the half with UNLV inches away from the goal line.  They kick the field goal to put them down 8.  My daughter is yelling at me that they should go for it.


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at Mark May saying that Bell has been the best back in the country. Granted, he is clearly MSU's best offensive player, but 4.5 yards a carry against a depleted Boise State front and CMU isn't  exactly best back material. It's  basically a constant competition between May and Holtz, as to who can say the dumbest things possible. I guess that's par for the course with ESPN these days.


September 15th, 2012 at 12:22 AM ^

It is interesting to note that,  between Washington  St. and UNLV, there have been 721 yards of passing yards versus 159 yards of rushing. This game should have been over some time ago, but WSU has 11 penalties for 113 yards, and if they eliminate a few of those, about half of  UNLV's points are not on the board. 


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Mike Leach's stupidity is breathtaking.  I am in shock.  That is the stupidest thing i have ever seen.  Oh my god.  So stupid.  So incredibly stupid. 


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My sentiment exactly.  I watched the last quarter or so, and can't really recall who won, but it looks like the team on the last drive was f*cked out of some time on the clock.  I think I have early on-set dimentia.