Volleyball beats #19 Oregon, advances to NCAA Sweet 16

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on December 2nd, 2016 at 10:47 PM

After crushing American last night in straight sets in the First Round, 12 seed and #17 ranked Michigan took on #19 Oregon tonight at Crisler Center in the NCAA Tournament Second Round.

For some reason Volleyball is playing their NCAA home matches at Crisler this year. Big crowd, but not the same intimate atmosphere that Keen has.

That didn't stop a large crowd from gathering that included Jabrill Peppers, Rashan Gary, De'Veon Smith, members of the Michigan Softball, Baseball and Women's Basketball teams and MBB head coach John Beilein (pictured) from cheering on their fellow Wolverines.


Oregon took set one 25-22 where they led basically the entire set.

Michigan stormed back in set 2 and dominated the Ducks. They were frustrated all night with the blocking effort of Cori Crocker and Claire Kieffer-Wright who combined for 13 total.

Michigan took set two 25-17 before coming back from behind to win set 3, 25-23.

Set 4 was dominant again by Michigan, as Michigan took it 25-17.

Kieffer-Wright was the player of the match, with 20 kills and 7 blocks as she led the team in both categories.

Creighton upset 5 seed Kansas so 12 Michigan will face unseeded and #21 ranked Creighton in the NCAA Sweet 16 next Friday.

The location is TBD. If Texas loses tomorrow to SMU, Michigan will host the regional semifinals and final being the highest remaining seed. If Texas wins, it will be held in Austin. 




December 3rd, 2016 at 1:58 AM ^

As a funny side note:
My teenager son and I went to the last men's bball game. The volleyball team was there at the beginning to promote their game. We walked by a player (Savannah Guy) on our way in to the game. As we pass by the beautiful young lady I hear my son quietly say "wooooaaahhh."


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I'm embarrassed that I didn't know about this or I would have gone. Thanks for posting. Keen stadium is the biggest sporting dump of a facility on the planet. No air conditioning. In September those volleyball games are borderline unbearable due to the heat. It's embarrassing to showcase Michigan volleyball in that hole, and I'm a volleyball season ticket holder. Fix keen! (All the Keen angst isn't directed at you)


December 3rd, 2016 at 12:32 PM ^

Keen is one of those facilities that can be charming and fun when the atmosphere is raucous.  Unfortunately, that's not the case anymore.  What happened to the volleyball student section?  I loved going to games in The Zone behind the north end of the court. Now it seems they can only get 5-20 students at the games and they throw them behind the benches where they can't really be as rowdy and are not on top of the game.

As recently as 5-6 years ago 150 students would fill up the student section for big games. That's certainly not the case anymore.

Team 101

December 3rd, 2016 at 7:42 AM ^

I don't think the NCAA will let us host the games at Keen because it isn't large enough. I also think they are scheduled to be a replacement facility where the indoor track building is located so they aren't going to upgrade Keen. I was at the match last night. It was exciting with a lot of momentum shifts.

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