Turner declares for the draft...Summers next?

Submitted by EL_Wolverine on April 7th, 2010 at 6:10 PM

Evan turner is officially foregoing his senior season and heading to the pros. It was pretty obvious that he was going to make the jump since he is a sure lottery pick. I think that he will excel in the NBA. Xavier's Jordan Crawford is also making the leap to the NBA. There are also rumors that Durrell Summers will declare for the draft. I think if he plays like he does during tournament time then he shouldn't have a problem getting picked up. He is a very athletic guy that can create his own shot. There is also the possibility that Lucas will test the waters, but with his injury and no chance to increase his stock, I think he'll stick around for his senior year.



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Turner was pretty much a given to declare anyway. Seeing how much "rentals" have contributed to OSU's success is making me think that they should let high-schoolers go directly into the NBA again.


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I think it's a shame Crawford left already. The guy had a great tournament, but it was obvious watching him play he was still pretty raw. Considering he was averaging like 30 a game during the tournament, I would mark that up as impressive.

I feel like he needs another year of seasoning, and I would love watching him again next year.


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In other news Sims is playing in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament tonight. Hopefully he has a good showing. I really liked watching him play and I hope he can make it to the next level. He needs to improve his ball handling to become small forward because he is to small to be a big man.
Here is a good article on him:


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PRESS RELEASE: Calipari leaves Kentucky to coach Oregon Ducks next season. Contract is reportedly worth "fistfuls of cash" and all the Nike merchandise his players call resell on EBAY.

There is allegedly also clauses in the contract:

1: Requiring him to bring at least two 5-star recruits with him to Eugene

2: allowing him to leave should the program fall under suspicion of NCAA sanctions, and

3: an opt-out clause allowing to leave Oregon after 1 season if a higher paying job becomes available"


but really...?


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From what I've been reading, Summers and Lucas see themselves as a matched pair in the same way as Sims and Harris did/do. If Summers leaves, then chances are Lucas is gone too. If Lucas decides to stick it out another year due to his injury, there's a good chance Summers sticks around to help his buddy and MSU contend for the title next year. I think we want to root for both to stick around if only it improves our chances at landing Ziegler