Sweet 16 - Records vs. One Another

Submitted by WhoopinStick on March 24th, 2014 at 4:39 PM

With Michigan having made the Sweet 16, and having played against 5 of the other teams still alive, I was curious to see how each team stacked up against each other in head to head match-ups.   Below is the list of the remaining teams and their record against other Sweet 16 teams.  This is followed by the teams that they beat and those that they lost to. 


Arizona 5-1 
Wins: San Diego State, Michigan, Stanford(2), UCLA
Losses: UCLA
Baylor 3-2
Wins: Dayton, Kentucky, Iowa State
Losses: Iowa State (2)
Connecticut 1-4
Wins: Florida
Losses: Stanford, Louisville (3)
Dayton 0-1
Wins: None
Losses: Baylor
Florida 6-2
Wins: Tennessee (3), Kentucky (3)
Losses: Wisconsin, Connecticut
Iowa State 3-1
Wins: Michigan, Baylor (2)
Losses: Baylor 
Louisville 3-1
Wins: Connecticut (3)
Losses: Kentucky 
Kentucky 2-5
Wins: Louisville, Tennessee
Losses: Michigan State, Baylor, Florida (3)
Michigan 4-4
Wins: Stanford, Wisconsin, Michigan State (2)
Losses: Iowa State, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan State 
Michigan State 3-3
Wins: Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan
Losses: Michigan (2), Wisconsin
San Diego State 0-1
Wins: None
Losses: Arizona
Stanford: 2-5
Wins: Connecticut, UCLA
Losses: Michigan, UCLA (2), Arizona (2)
Tennessee 1-4
Wins: Virginia
Losses: Kentucky, Florida (3)
UCLA 3-2
Wins: Stanford (2), Arizona
Losses: Arizona, Stanford
Virginia 0-2
Wins: None
Losses: Wisconsin, Tennessee
Wisconsin 4-2
Wins: Florida, Virginia, Michigan State, Michigan
Losses: Michigan, Michigan State

EDIT: Stanford corrected



March 24th, 2014 at 5:36 PM ^

Very interesting to see the balance of schedules, and how most of these teams played quite a few big matchups.  Dayton and SDSU I expected to have played fewer, but I just lost a little faith in Virgina.  

Side note - Stanford would be 1-5 according to your list. 

edit -  now that I actually look at their schedule, they actually beat UConn and UCLA, but lost to Michigan, UCLA twice, and Arizona twice, so overall 2-5.