Sorta OT- Congrats to Plymouth

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Congratulations to future Wolverine Brennen Beyer and the Plymouth Predators on a huge win tonight against the Canton Chiefs. That gives Plymouth a district championship. Canton was ranked as the number one team in the state and by many high school "gurus" considered as a shoe in to go to Ford Field. Happy to see future Wolverines have success at the high school level. BTW Plymouth lost to Canton 36-0 earlier in the year. They will play the winner of Tomorrows Catholic Central and Northville game. Good Luck to them.



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I went to Canton, and, despite the Wolverine ties on Plymouth, was really pulling for my Chiefs to buck up and get the job done. I wasn't there, so I don't know how the game went, but seeing as how this was the fewest points Canton has scored all year, they didn't show up to play.


Much respect to Plymouth, and I hope they take it all the way to the State Finals. I can still remember 7 years ago when that school was all freshmen and all of their sports teams were awful (to be expected). They've come a long way.


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Will drop Plymouth more than a couple middle fingers. The administration in that school was completely ridiculous when I was there.


Congrats to BB though!


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I'm a Salem grad, and for whatever its worth, I hate Plymouth so much more than Canton, even though Beyer is coming to M and Canton sent Devin Thomas to MSU.

Plymouth's administration and coaches were full of themselves because they were the new school on the block.  They took it to the point where Salem and Canton athletes weren't allowed to wear their school colors if they wanted to work out in the Plymouth weight room.   Of course, before that they didn't let any Salem or Canton athletes in their weight room, period.  Class acts, that administration.


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Well, they should. I coach in the area, so I am familiar with all these teams. We played CC in week one. They in my opinion have got worst as the year went by. They lost two games they had no business losing. With all that said, I definitely think they beat Northville tomorrow and hand it to plymouth next week. In my years of coaching though, I have noticed that teams that get hot in the playoffs are tough to beat. Plymouth is one of those teams now. I hope we follow in their footsteps and do the same thing tomorrow/today and eliminate another undefeated team. As you can tell I cant sleep because of our game. It is 5 am and I am on here lol. Also, in quite the dilemmna with the Michigan game. The plan is to record it on my DVR, turn my phone off, and watch it when I get home. Hopefully after a win! Go Blue!!


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I went to the game last night, not sure how Plymouth expects to move the ball as they move on, their offense doesn't seem that good. Their 2nd TD of the night was a fumble return for a TD, and honestly most of the game they seemed to move backwards, except for the 1st drive of the game (their 1st TD). They couldn't run the ball and rarely looked Beyer's way in the passing game, even though his defender was probably 6 inches shorter than he was.

Mi Sooner

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My tax dollars at work.

I went to HS south of the border. My old school has an OL commit. I think that they are still in there playoffs but I haven't looked this morning.


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I think if Plymouth threw the ball they could have a chance against CC. I have seen a lot of their games this year and Brother Rice and OLSM seemed to beat them by passing. With the type of matchup that Beyer causes being a 6'5 240 wide receiver it could be problems. I'll definetly be at CC next saturday to watch Matt Godin vs Beyer. Possibly two future Wolverines facing each other GO BLUE!!


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Congrats and thank you to plymouth. i did not think we could beat canton tbqh. just thought i would say rice and marys both dominated our lines and thats a good part of why we lost. sure they passed, but the qbs had all day to throw. anyways, hope we beat northville today. and i think its funny how i got negged last night for saying plymouth was upset about the last game and would come ot angry hahahaha