Some insight from Davide Momi of Basket Academy(first UMhoops opponent)

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Davide Momi acts as kind of the "GM" for Basket Academy in that he was responsible for building the competitive roster from players throughout Umbria.  He also played center in the contest against Notre Dame, so he knows a little something about post players.  At any rate, Davide is a great guy, responding to an email from random American guy on the organization's website.  He did hint that he'd love a Michigan "gadget"(Probably a souvenir...does Amazon deliver to Perugia?)  Please forgive the translation issues, as it was pretty clear we were both using "google translate"

What did you think of #32 and #34 for Michigan?

Ricky Doyle is able to play in pick'n roll situation so well. He is a
good cutter after the pick or in a sleep the pick situation. He also
has a good movement(good moves) in low post where he is able to shoot with both
hand(s). He is huge in offensive bounce(rebounding).
Mark Donnal is Doyle's charge(backup?). He is good in drag situation and he
have a midrange shoot from high post.

Were your guys able to take advantage of Michigan's inexperience in the post? What was Perugia's plan in terms of attacking Michigan's defense, and what did they have the most success with?

 Michigan's frontcourt is pretty good for future. Coach Belein is good to recruit young player and become their huge.   Basket Academy (situated in Perugia) palyed with passing game caused problems for Michigan D. Basket Academy drives and and kicks out ball for 3 open shoot or dishes ball for lay-up.

 How would you compare Michigan's front court and team as a whole with that of Notre Dame? 

Notre Dame is completely different compared with Michigan cause
Irish've only 3 freshman while Michigan've 8 freshman.
Notre Dame's frountcourt is composed to Auguste. He is so good in low
post where he drive and spin for lay-up. He've nice body control and

I've seen a box score reflecting Michigan's players, can you point me towards one reflecting the statistics of Perugia's men? 

(6ft)Casuscelli 4 points 3 assists
(Forward Niccolo 'Urbini)4 points 6 bounce(boards?)
Serino 6 points with 2 slam dunk
Anastasi 3 points
Savo Sardaro
Gentili 11 points 2/3 from behind the yard
(Forward Igor)Karpuk 6 points 10 bounce
(6ft3in)Burini 4 points 3 assists
(6ft3in)Meschini 8 points 4 bounce
(Under 17 league?)Cimarelli 7 points 2/2 from 3 point line
Capponi 4 assists 

It should be noted that only Igor Karpuk played in both the Notre Dame and Michigan games.  These were different teams.

Many thanks to Davide, I will certainly look into the cost of shipping a T-shirt to Perugia.  Maybe coach B could hook him up?








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facing today is a bit more mature than the team it played in that blowout win Sunday afternoon. That seemed like an AAU team compared to the men's team they are playing today. 

That court they played on Sunday appeared not to have been swept before or during the contest, guys were slipping all over the place. Plus I thought Michigan looked a little out of sync in the passing game. But they shot lights out and went to the basket with authority. I think this team might not be as polished right away as what we' ve come to expect the last two years. But this team is going to just get better as the season progresses. 

I think the difference in this team will obviously be a lack of a post presence on the defensive side and maybe a loss of efficiency down low, but at the same time everyone who enters the lineup for Michigan will be able to shoot and from behind the arc with good accuracy. This is going to be a fun bunch to get behind.