SIAP: Devin Funchess caught two touchdowns in honor of a fallen soldier

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SIAP...I am currently using Hidester VPN proxy site to access MGoBlog as it is blocked by our ESET Endpoint detection. (Sons of bitches). I cannot use the features, nor format worth a damn - so keep that in mind before downvoting. Anyways, I thought this was a good story out of the NFL - and it involves our very own Devin Funchess. "Devin Funchess promised Tina Palmer he’d score a touchdown for her son, Fallen Hero SGT Dillon Baldridge. He scored two." This is a pretty awesome gesture, and I love that a former Michigan star went out of his way to bring light into a woman's eyes that has seen too much darkness: "Dillon is Sgt. Dillon Baldridge. The 22-year-old died in June during an attack in Afghanistan while serving in the Army, and Funchess wore his initials on his helmet during Carolina’s “Salute to Service” game." He's a classy guy, and forever a Michigan Man - and I loved reading this story. “I told Dillon’s mom that I was going to get in the end zone for her,” Funchess said, per the Panthers team website. “That’s what I did. I made sure she got the first touchdown (ball).” You can find the story here:…



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Watched that game, great story. Good to see Devin having a few of these games each year! As an aside, my buddy I was watching with won his fantasy match up (and is a Michigan fan) from Devin's 2nd TD. So, you know, cool story. 


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I was watching and was happy to see Funchess get in the end zone twice. They showed him after his first score, and he was talking to some staffer and adamantly telling him something about the ball. At the time I thought he was just making it clear that was his TD ball and wanted it after the game. I'm really impressed by his dedication of the TD to a fallen hero. Michigan Man through and through.


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You need to find a way to get your work IT to unblock MGoBlog - tell them that the site helps you concentrate and find your center or something along those lines. I mean, unless it is a really ugly loss in either football or basketball, in which case you actually would want the site hidden behind the staunchest of security protocols. 

Bigly yuge

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Devin has quietly moved up from 3rd-4th receiver to the number one guy. It’s not only awesome to see Devin balling out, but seeing the Michigan man in him also continuing to blossom is amazing to see.