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Submitted by mgoblue7 on December 1st, 2009 at 8:56 PM

I received my season ticket donation paperwork yesterday in the mail. I was wondering how much of a donation you guys think will be required to be given the opportunity to purchase renewable season tickets. I was thinking that with the two down years that the donation amount may drop a bit this year. This is my first year giving a donation and not really sure how much it will take to get these tickets.



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It can take a while to get them. First you stay on the waiting list and build up points.
With the two down years, plus the addition of the premium seats for next year, it will definitely be easier to get in.

But even if you don't get in as long as you donate 100 dollars or more you usually get the Go Blue pack which is pretty much the whole season minus homecoming.

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Don't fall under the spell that the size of your donation will help you get tickets faster. My ticket renewal packet has a minimum donation, which if yours does, I suggest you stick with. If you pay more than the suggested seat licensing fee, that amount, whatever it is, becomes your minimum donation.


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The 100 dollar minimum is to keep your points "active" - it doesn't increase if you give more. As long as you give 100 your points stay active and you're considered for tickets while on the waitlist.

You might be thinking of the Preferred Seat Donation - if you get into a higher tier seat then you have to make that donation every year to keep those seats in the same tier, but I think you can also move down and pay less.


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The Victors Club guide provides a comparative rankings of victors club members with the following priority point levels:

100th - 2,639 points
500th - 527 points
1,000th - 330 points
2,000th - 162 points
2,500th - 123 points
5,000th - 63 points
10,000th - 30 points
12,500th - 18 points
15,000th - 1 point

Unfortunately, it doesn't provide the number of member accounts or how many seats are held by members, so this has a limited usefulness, but still better than nothing.


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Hell will be frozen to the core, pigs will fly, the Cubs and Lions will win the World Series and Superbowl respectively and Charlie Weis will have a size 30 waist before UM will lower prices.

If you were UM, would you lower prices knowing you have thousands of people who will give anything and any amount of $$$$$$ for season tickets. I assume the waiting list is a long as ever.

Supply and Demand at its finest.


December 2nd, 2009 at 9:22 AM ^

The reality is that the waiting list is actually pretty short. The University didn't come out and say it but renewals were under 70% per someone that works in the ticket office. I donated $300 as a non-alum, first time giving and got 2 renewable season tickets inside of the first 50 rows.


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I gave zero last year (with 10 alum points-- me and wife) and we got upgraded from the half season pack to the all in full year pack.

I was pissed about Mary Sue's racial comments, so I gave zero and wrote the U to tell them why. Didn't matter. Still got the all in pack and really really great seats for half the games.

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...most people in metro Detroit got their PSD form a few days from the conclusion of the season. Perhaps putting a few weeks between the bad taste of this season and the several hundred dollar donation for next year might make it a little more palatable.


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It's not due until Jan.31, but I felt it a little pushy considering the product I am paying to see (NOT UM)

The non-conference games are a joke for the price we pay. UConn and UMass and BG??? I know the AD wants as many home games as possible without return games, but can we plaease play one BCS team a season outside of the conference that doesn't start with "Notre"?

I don't care that at OSU you can only buy half the season or at ND the prices are 2x or 3x the cost of Michigan tickets, but OSU plays USC, hell MSU is going to play Bama and all we get is the BS from South Bend.

I hope the next AD has some vision for building quality non-conf schedules rather than just $$$.


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Screw you bastards . Your donations are all tax deductible , which is the real problem here . We all pay for your seats . Why are big-time sports tax exempt ?