RR/Arizona squeaks past Toledo in OT

Submitted by aaamichfan on September 2nd, 2012 at 8:45 AM
http://scores.espn.go.com/ncf/recap?gameId=322450012 In his 1st game as Arizona coach, RR managed to beat Toledo. I figure this is worth bringing to everyone's attention, as it may be a good omen for his career going forward. Sometimes I wonder if RR's career here would have ended differently if he had managed to beat Toledo....



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We scheduled this Alabama game thinking that the Rich Rod model would be in place, and our unstoppable spread would be lead by Senior Denard Robinson. Instead, Rich Rod is in Arizona fighting to get that first win over Toledo.

Here is to both programs... UM and Arizona... moving forward.


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624 yards but only 24 points. 

The defense looked better than expected. I was expecting 60+ points in this game, but the defense made a few big stops and only gave up one big play (bend but don't break success). They might not make a bowl game this year, but I think they'll steal at least one game from a ranked team. Matt Scott is the perfect quarterback for his system, and he makes good decisions, too. This will be a fun team to watch. It's also more fun that there aren't any expectations. I can watch Arizona without wanting to dong punch myself, and I never could say that about RR at Michigan (though I love him). 

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and 14 carries by the qb. I watched quite a bit of it on my tiny phone screen, and I was especially looking for qb runs, but I did not see any. I wonder how many of them were called plays or reads, vs. broken plays.

I haven't found the right thread for this, but a writer who must not be named wrote that the Alabama defensive coaches spent time in EL to confer with Sparty. It did look like the same defense- "building a fence" and receivers covered like wet tee shirts. In neither game was Fitz featured, obviously. I am looking forward to seeing what Borges does differently with the MSU D this time around.


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Is there going to be comparisons between RR and Hoke until they both retire?   I hope not.

Can we let the man be?  I'm sick of hearing about him.  He doesn't coach here anymore.  He's hundreds of miles away coaching another school.

Jesus let's get over him already.   I'm tired of it.  Already this morning on WTKA we had someone call in and blame RR for "leaving the cupboard bare" which resulted in Michigan getting trounced by Alabama (nevermind the 11-2 season last year).