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Submitted by Sobinator on August 2nd, 2011 at 11:48 AM

Does anyone know what the fall practice schedule looks like?  I know they start on the 9th but that is about it.

When do players arrive on campus?
Are there any practices open to the public?
Any other public events that are scheduled?
When are practices scheduled? Two a days?

It's going to be interesting to watch the progress of this team as they make the transition with the new coaching staff, on both sides of the ball.  There was a certain excitement with the last coaching staff and spread, that unfortunately didn't pan out. I have a feeling that with this coaching staff that there is going to be a different vibe to practice and would love to get down there to see.



Young Hero

August 2nd, 2011 at 12:04 PM ^

I have to tell you this...I have known this information for a very long time and I am very happy to finally devulge this information. 

Players do not arrive on campus at a set interval.  You can catch them arrivals a varying interval (randomly distributed) before the 8th of August.  If you hang out around the West Quad dorm and patrol the cooridors, you are bound to catch a player here or there.

Yes, all football practices are open to the public.  All you need to do is find a good tree where nobody can see you.  I have watched 14 practices and have only been caught 2 times.

Yes, there are many public events that are scheduled in the past, present, and future.

Practices are scheduled beforehand.  Both one-a-days and two-a-days are scheduled beforehand.

I agree with you I also think there will be a different sort of vibe with this university football team.  I also agree that the excitment with the previous coaching staff didn't pan out.  Finally, I agree that it's going to be interesting to watch the progress of this team as they make the transition with the new coaching staff, on both sides of the ball.


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I'll fess up here. When taking friends on tours of campus, I'd purposely use West Quad's corridors to cut through the Union so we could pass the open doors of football players playing NCAA XX.

Granted it was also the route that got you the maximum amount of distance toward your class while remaining indoors, something every student should have figured out to the inch by their first December.

Michael Scarn

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I think there's a difference between walking through somewhere en route to class and "hanging around" or "patrolling" the hallways waiting for football players. Where I come from we call the first one a smart, interested fan and the second one a jersey chaser.


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Though this is definitely OT, Donkey Kong Country was one of my favorite games as a child, and even now I break out the old SNES from time to time to play some DKC and Super Mario Brothers/World/RPG.

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Section 1

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  • Monday: 6 hrs. film, 8 hrs. practice, 2 hrs. weights.
  • Tuesday: 4 hrs. film, 8 hrs. practice, 4 hrs. weights.
  • Wednesday: 4 hrs. film, 8 hrs. practice, 15 minutes study hall.
  • Thursday: 4 hrs. film, 10 hrs. practice, 1 hour signing false CARA forms.
  • Friday: 12 hours stretching, 8 hrs. abuse by Mike Barwis.
  • Saturday:  8 hrs practice, 1 hr. lunch, 8 more hours practice.
  • Sunday: 12 hours medical treatment, 11 hours film, 1 hr. sleep.

The Free Press guys are pretty sure they've got this right.  Per interviews with 6 former players, 4 players' parents, 2 grandparents and 1 great-grandparent.



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It's proof I was at the 2008 Northwestern game. In the future, over 250,000 will make this claim

But how do we know you didn't just find the photo on the internet somewhere?

Anyhow, I don't think that many people will claim to have been at that game. I think more people are trying to purge 2008 from memory. '95 Purdue, now, that one lives on in the memory banks. Millions have claimed to have attended.


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Sunday - no sex anymore - weakens the knees.  All players are given salt tablets.Have to bring their own gallon milk jug filled with water.

Monday - tires, chalk talk, jog 5 miles through the woods to a local graveyard.