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I know of a young man in the Guelph area just west of Toronto named Dante Miller.  He is 6'5" tall and about 275 pounds and is in grade 10.  He is very interested in the University of Michigan, but doesn't know how to go about the process.  Several Canadian Universities are already contacting him and inviting him to their camps.  He plays both sides of the line at this time.  He may be a bit of a project but the one thing you can't teach is size.  Any thoughts?




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If he wants to get on the radar of U.S. programs he'll need to camp strategically at the schools he likes or more importantly, believes he has an interest in.  Spread it around and hit a D2, and then D1's in different conferences.  He can get to many just for one day and is not obligated to spend the big $ paying for food/lodging.  If he has highlights then get them up on huddle or youtube as a start and let coaches know. 


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For a relatively unknown guy at an unknown school I'd recommend getting a highlight tape together and sending it along with a letter to the coaches. It's important to just get your name out there and would be a way to showcase his size.


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I would tell him to contact the University and the football program. They have a website which probably has a specific section on recruiting.


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tell him to spend this summer coming to the camp circuit, getting his name out there


If he's serious about football, he's going to have to play college ball in the US, period.

Brown Bear

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He should create an account on MGoblog and post about how awesome he is and throw in random funny photos of cats every so often.
Also, if he doesn't have an awesome name that will garner attention to him he should pick one out and get it legally changed to that. You can't teach size but you can choose a cool name like Taco.


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...about this kid if he's got next level potential.  However, if the coach is not doing his job (or not having much success), there's another option besides just going to big name camps.

I know it sounds shady, but it's really not.  There are recruiting services out there who's whole purpose is to help set up highlight reels, prepare kids for the recruiting/NCAA clearinghouse process, and notify universities in the athlete's interest in them.  NCSA Athletic Recruiting is one that I know of, but there are many more.

Of course, for it to be worth it, the athlete has to impress them.  Size can't be taught but it can be manipulated in the weight room and the dinner table. In other words, a 6'2 235 lineman with amazing skills and potential is worth infintely more than a 6'5'' 275lb lineman who may be getting by high school teams because of his size alone. 

Good luck!


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Ha, yeah, that's pretty much the best way to flag yourself as someone not to do business with if that's your opening line.  I guess there's a reason I do IT and not college recruiting or any form of business/sales.  That being said, from what I've read on this place, it does seem to operate under the rules and does a lot of good.

Also, I have a great investment oppurtunity with three fold returns guaranteed if you're interested.  I know it probably sounds like a Ponzi scheme, but it's really not!  Let me know if you want more info...



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Recruiting services are a waist unless you/your parents/coaches are unable or unwilling to do the work. Everything they do you can do for free (except maybe produce highlights)  Interesting looking at the Michigan High School Coaches Association's position paper on these services (I know they are not the end all..).  You can get just as much visability by camping, calling, emailing your highlights, calling, and calling.  The kid already has at least the base size to get attention.  Assuming film is good.  Coaches need talent - they will take a look at him if they learn about him.


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and legit site. I know one of the people running this site, and they spend an incredible amount of time working around football at all levels.

Cool story bro: The guy I know that works with Next level football is a HUGE Brady Hoke fan. He was a part of the welcoming committe for the International Bowl when Ball State was there and he acted as Hoke's host. Spent some time with him, Hoke loves him some Labatt's Blue, and was VERY impressed with him. 

Back when we were in the middle of the coaching search and Brian's propoganda had me questioning the wisdom of the Hoke hire, this guy was adament that he would win a championship for Michigan. Players loved to play for him and would walk through a wall if Hoke asked them too. He says Hoke has literally inspired him to proceed in the football coaching world. 

Anyway, he now coaches at a Canadian University and has a (limited) relationship with Hoke, that could be the first step for this kid in OP. Good luck.


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You don't need an invite to go.  Best bet is to transfer to a high school in the states.  Shane needs some help on his right side........seriously.