Random scouting notes on NW at ILL.

Submitted by SFBayAreaBlue on October 7th, 2011 at 9:04 AM

Don't have time to do a full write up and the game with NW is tomorrow anyway so here's some random observations


  • Active front seven, not very large.  
  • Lots of blitzes
  • They like 3 man fronts on passing downs, looked like some 3-3-5 with delayed blitzing (I hope they do that against us, Denard and Vincent will eat that up all day)
  • Lots of coverage breakdowns
  • Not a lot of elite speed anwhere except the one CB
  • One of their safeties got dinged up, wasn't all that great before the injury
  • Good tackling from their front seven, pretty decent against the run



  • Losing Trumpy is a big loss for them, was a big part of their offense
  • #9 is essentially and H-back with a little more speed, lines up at WR and all over the place
  • Persa throws a nice fade, but the WR's are really dominating
  • Persa looks a little down on acceleration, injury might still be bothering him
  • #11 Ebert is their main receiver
  • QB Coulter at 100% looks better than Persa at 80%.  
  • Offense is basically same as RichRod's


  • #99 Buchanan is a player to be concerned with
  • B1G worthy front seven


  • Not very impressed with their left tackle
  • Sheelhaus (sp? who cares) is more of a touch passer, not great zip on his balls. But he's got good ball handling skills, good playfakes.
  • Sheelhaus is better rolling to his right than his left
  • He also throws a nice corner route against the zone
  • #8 Jenkins is their main receiver, deep corners and deep crossing routes
  • #80, tall receiver, good hands
  • Never go for 2 early in a highscoring game (unless you're a team like oregon that always goes for two)

As long as passing Denard is on target and we get a good game from our CB's, we should beat NW by a few TD's.



October 7th, 2011 at 9:37 AM ^

This will be an interesting test for this team.  First road game against a solid passing team.

Also, why do I feel like the only one who thinks Illinois might be under rated?  Irrational fear? maybe.


October 7th, 2011 at 11:24 AM ^

Notre Dame > Arizona State -- roughly same type of win for both (i.e. both squeaked by)

N'Western > SDSU -- UM dominated SDSU, Illinois squeaked by NW

Western Michigan == Western Michigan (duh) -- UM dominated WMU, Illiniois squeaked by

Arkansas State == EMU -- easy wins for both UM and Illinois

S. Dakota State == Minnesota -- easy wins for both UM and Illinois

Both teams have played roughly comparable schedules with all games played at home. UM has dominated everyone except ND, while Illinois has won their last three games by 3 points each and required 4th quarter comebacks in 2 of those wins.

I am not saying/writing that Ilinois is bad. I think the UM/Illinois game will be a very challenging game for UM to emerge with a victory, but I don't think Illinois is as good as UM this year. Played on a neutral field, UM would beat Illinois pretty consistently IMO.