Purdue Game - Hotels??

Submitted by wresler120 on July 17th, 2012 at 9:14 PM

My wife and I are heading down to the Michigan/Purdue game and we are planning on getting a hotel room the night of the game. Does anyone know which hotel(s) are the best to stay at, or which hotel(s) do Michigan fans stay inmost  when they go down for games in West Lafayette?

Also, which places/bars would you recommend going to in the evening?





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All I know is that Purdue had the worst pre-game atmosphere of the 10 schools I have traveled to for Michigan games.  Unfortunately, I don't have any hotel info, though.  Good luck.


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North of the stadium, maybe a mile. Not bad.  Hear horror stories about a couple of the others in the area, from Buckeyes. If they think something's a dump, oh jeeze.  


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No free pay per view channels?  No free Otis Spunkmeyer muffins in the morning?  Parking spaces too small for their RV/pickup/grand marquis?  So many tiny bottles of shampoo/lotion/mouthwash/conditioner that they couldn't tell them apart?  Housekeeping tried to service their room before 11am?


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There's a Courtyard Marriott about four miles or so from the stadium. It's decent and not badly priced, but it's pretty basic when it comes to perks - I remember Wi-Fi being available, but the pool  is a large bath essentially and my Gold Points with Marriott allowed me to get a McDonalds breakfast on the way back to Michigan. If you're staying just overnight, none of this may matter, of course. 

The Lafayette Brewing Company isn't bad, as far as I remember - it's right on Main Street and has some decent hand-crafted ales. 


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I'm going down with a group of eight people and we are staying at the Holiday Inn. It's my first trip with this group but they are saying that the location is an easy walk to all the bars and restaurants. The price is $250/night (little steep)and requires a two night minimum stay.


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Sorry I can't be of much help about the hotels or bars (not 21 until April), but if any of you guys going to the game are rugby fans, or would be interested in watching, the Purdue Men's Rugby Club plays Michigan State at probably 1pm, hopefully not much later (the football game kicks off at 4pm, and rugby games last about an hour and a half, with a B game after), just across the street from the tailgating fields. So, if anyone is getting bored of the tailgating scene, feel free to check out some rugby, in what will hopefully be a beatdown on Sparty! If anyone is actually interested, feel free to look up the address of the field on our website (second link if you google purdue rugby) or email me, which is also on that website. Nothing wrong with a little self promotion, right? : )

Go Ugly Early

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Not sure what time the game is this year. If there is time, I would suggest making the few hour drive to Bloomington that night. Much better nightlife/ town at IU in Bloomington than West Lafayette. Nick's bar in Bloomington is fantastic. The W Lafayette bars (only maybe 4 of them) are geared towards college kids.


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Woo. An amazing venue.

Actually, I'm thinking they might start filling it for OSU games, since they've got a home winning streak against them now.

Seriously, though, I have nothing against the boilers, but it ain't exactly an A+ gameday atmosphere.


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if you want the college bar scene there are a handful of bars right by campus, but that would require you to stand shoulder to shoulder from 9:00 to close

there is a place across the river in lafayette called chumley's that has an excellent selection of beer and is pretty chill


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Never been to Purdue but my wife and a bunch of other people are going to head down there this year.  We went to NW last year and had a lot of fun


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Neon Cactus: Piano bar and huge dance floor mainly populated by students Thursday night, really cheap drinks

Harry's Chocolate Shop: More of an old time feel bar, drinks are relatively expensive

Where Else: Okay prices drinks small dance floor.

Jake's: Lots of TV's, normally packed on gamedays (but most of the bars are)

Brothers: Okay prices, similar to Harry's.