Post-Game Summary by U-Conn

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SIAP - there have been six thousand threads today, but this is worth a glance.  Theuconnblog's write-up starts like this...

Would you be interested in converting your third downs to first downs? We at the First National Bank Of Edsall would like to accommodate your request!

...and in the end summarizes the game fairly well:

  • I have no idea whether Michigan is a top 15 or top 25 team, but they damn sure looked like one today.

  • The Huskies looked more like one of Michigan's typical September MAC cupcake opponents.
  • It was a masterful performance by Robinson, who I really hope becomes a star.…



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But I'm thinking I'm liking their blog.  It seems pretty level headed. And they have some funny posters, too.  Beyond the open thread from earlier, I like this one here-

On the plus side, we aren't Mississippi


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I was surprised when I walked up to my seats in section 10 row OCHOCINCO to find a smallish clump of the family and fans from UConn. I would have to say that they are some of the nicest fans I have met in M stadium. They were polite and we made conversation, and I haven't a bad thing to say about them. Most of them were in awe of the stadium, and were happy to part of history...then M made them history. Zing!


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To quote a UConn fan I met in the stadium:

"I used to have nightmares about Pat White, now I'll have nightmares about Pat White and Denard Robinson."

They did thank us for getting RR the heck out of their conference though.  I guess RR and a speedy QB shredding Edsall's D used to be a yearly event.  Now the pain has been downgraded to the level of saddening out of conference loss.


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...their CIL is chock full of funny.  Unbridled optimism that quickly turns to despair with a brief respite after the UConn TD followed by resignation.

Their lead writer Jeff Jacobs predicted a UConn win in his pregame piece and at the beginning of the chat he says Denard is no Pat White.  Obviously, within a very short span of time he had to change his tune.

In Jacobs' post-game article, he calls Denard "Pat Maize and Blue". 

Point One: That may not have been Pat White wearing No. 16 in a Wolverines uniform, but it was Pat Maize and Blue. Denard Robinson, who gives Rodriguez the swift, elusive running quarterback he so loves, made the UConn defense look overmatched. Kid put the hail in the conquering heroes. Kid put the victors in the valiant. Kid may end up saving Rich Rod's job.

The elite wine and cheese set in Ann Arbor isn't going to like this, but we thought we were in Morgantown. When Pat Maize and Blue was finished he had accounted for 383 yards of offense, including 19-of-22 passing for 186 yards.

U Fer M

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I think the O will only get better, and providing M stays injury free, it should be a good year. What I liked in the last game is the long drives and the 3rd down conversions. Last year, when M scored, they would score too fast and the D was back on the field again, usually for another long drive from the opponent. By the end of the game, the D was gassed. Hope to see the trend continue next week. Nothin' better than seeing Big Blue win in South Bend.