OT: Wings- Hawks Open Thread

Submitted by GWUWolverineFan on March 28th, 2011 at 8:11 PM
Hawks fighting for their playoff lives..

Has been a great first, hard hitting and fast paced.

Bertuzzi out with a major. 2-1 Hawks



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I'll remind everyone that I'm originally from Chicago at the start of the thread....

But the wings had a very pretty 4-on-4 goal. Also, chippy game thus far, Hawks need to stay out of the box


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Bullshit, players leave their feet all the time making hits and don't get called. Johnson had his head down and had no clue what was going on around him, his own bench was even calling for him to pull his head up.
<br>This bullshit attitude about cleaning up hockey has done nothing to improve the game. I guess you would view Bob Probert and Joey Kocur as chickenshit players. Hockey is a violent game. Anyone remember the old Wings-Avalanche rivalry? Try to name anything comparing to it in the post lock out era.
<br>If you don't attempt to protect yourself, you don't deserve to be saved by the refs.


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I totally 100% disagree with you. High hits and head contact have no place in hockey. I said it below, Bertuzzi could have hit him in a much cleaner way. That was a DANGEROUS play. Not a hockey play. Just remember who you're defending here. This guy:

He shouldn't be playing hockey in my opinion


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Now, I see the two sides of most of these hits, also as a former player I have some perspective on the game

Chara's hit on Patch, dirty/intentional: in a way NO, but anyone who has played the game KNOWS where the boards end like that and dream of rubbing someone out.  OBVIOUSLY not injuring someone, but making a good hit.  Also, if you are the offensive player in that situation you ALSO know where you are on the ice and you have to be aware.

Komisarek also had a huge hit earlier in the week and people are saying Mark Olver was defenseless, Komisarek left his feet, hit him high (yada yada yada)...  The thing is these hits don't happen if the offensive player has his head up, I've been hit enough times to think twice about going over the middle, making a clearing pass, trying to squeeze by along the boards...


Alot of these hits are debatable, the hits that really need to be removed are the ones like Matt Cooke last week, where he literally threw his elbow right on the chin




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Bertuzzi does not lead with his elbow high.  His elbow starts out below his shoulder, but then because he has his back to the player + the fact that his stick hand is floating (carrying the stick off the ice)  when his arm makes contact with the other players arm, it rides right up the arm and hits him in the head.  It was a major penalty for sure, considering every player needs to be in control of their own body. (just like high sticking) But, I do not believe from watching the replay that Todd intended to hit him in the head with his elbow.

Mr Mackey

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He paid the price for the hit and he's been better. Get over it. He's not just a goon now, he's helped the Wings tremendously by becoming more of an all-around player. 

I completely agree with the poster above, saying that this is very comparable to Probert, Kocur, or even McCarty. Their role was to intimidate, hit, and be a nuisance. That's hockey.

Claude Lemeiux is actually probably the most comparable to Bertuzzi because of his hit on Draper. As a Wings fan, I despise Lemeiux with a burning passion, but I think it's wrong to say they don't deserve a spot in hockey.


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I hate Abdelkader. It's probably a combination of his MSU background and his gritty-goonishness. I'd probably like him if he were on my team.


Also, Crawford is on his game like Woah tonight