OT- Question about YOUR unemployment claim?

Submitted by Blue Palasky_68 on January 21st, 2010 at 2:18 PM

Well since things are going sooooo well in the state of Michigan, I got let go from the company I worked for and now have to file for unemployment. What a big pain in the ass that is! But, while in the middle of filling out my claim, my co-worker that got laid off a week before me calls. He's all ecstatic about an error made by the state. He got paid for 4 weeks instead of the normal 2 weeks. Now my question for the board, is this a glitch in the system or did something change? I haven't had to claim unempolyment in 6 years, which is damn good for an electrician in the west side of the state.I'm really hoping they changed the amount, but seriously think this is a mistake. Any thoughts?



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This happened at Notre Dame with the banquet caterer who blew through a $27,000 tip. ND sued her on the basis of law of obvious error (or somesuch), and she's going to pay it back over the next 20 years or so. Tell your buddy to call up the office or get a lawyer.

Sorry you got laid off...nothing more I can say.

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if memory serves, a similar error occured in the favor of Peter Griffin who ultimately made it rain from a blimp at the super bowl...so if he plans on distributing that extra 2 weeks at a UM football game, let us know which one.


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i have a question too....

last year for a few months i was also on unemployment....now is there something im suppose to get in the mail or claim on my taxes or do i just fill them out like normal


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My company screwed up some of the catagorizing of my pay dates, so they paid me an extra week, and when notified, they asked I pay it back or get smaller payments.

I got my State W-2 for 2009 yesterday, so they're coming.