OT-Harbaugh, stanford, and woody hayes?

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Watching a video on Andrew Luck on ESPN.com I noticed a board behind him with some type of quote from woody hayes. I searched all over the internet trying to find where this quote came from but couldn't come up with anything. anyone have a clue?

And why would Harbaugh be referencing Woody Hayes? You think that would come with him if he was in Ann Arbor? I still think he's a punk.

"(First two lines were out of camera shot)... 3. Allow them to beleive their football success makes them privelidged. 4. Allow them to beleive football is the only education they need - Woody Hayes"

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...Woody disciple, I wouldn't put it past him to have used Woody quotes to fire up his teams. If that's the case, then Harbaugh would have been exposed to them.  Even if that's not the case, Bo may have used them with his assistants so Jim could have gotten the quote from dad, Jack.

Any former Bo players on the board care to comment on my wild speculations?


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Doesn't seem like something Woody  would say.  After reading a few books on him, he was actually a pretty humble guy that believed in the purity of college sports.  Yeah, I didn't believe it either...


Make no mistake - I still hate the assh_le coach from OSU.


I will try to look into this, but I can't spend too much time at that - it would keep me off MGoBlog!


F-ck OSU!


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Since those are numbers 3 and 4 on the list, I am guessing this was a list of things Woody Hayes would not allow. (I can't imagine even Woody Hayes would: 3. Allow them to believe their football success makes them privelidged. 4. Allow them to believe football is the only education they need.)

I am in the camp of Bo quoting Woody at some point, or Jim being familiar with the history of Woody (know your enemy kind of thing). And hey - hate him or not - Woody was a great football coach, and if the quote fits, use it.

Number four is the antithesis of what Harbaugh has publically spoken out about, and number three sounds like it would be as well. I am guessing he is making a point, by backing up what he publically stands for, with a quote from even the greatest of enemies. (i.e., if coach is willing to use a Woody Hayes quote, he must really mean it -- emphasizes the point, no?)

Anyway, look at this as one more proof point of how much Jim's time at Michigan has influenced him -- deep down he's blue, not red.


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Uh, Woody was Bo's best friend in the business, the man who gave him his start and wanted him to be his successor at OSU.

Sorry, partisans, but you cant pray at the Church of Bo and not respect and admire Woodrow Hayes. He was the enemy, but also the mentor to my favorite coach of all time. You cant have one without the other.

I dont know if that s Woody quote, but I can guarantee Harbaugh is using Bo's old tricks which were really Woody's old tricks to begin with.

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I'd be more worried if he was using Ron Zook or Tim Brewster quotes.

Also, from what I've read about Hayes, the first part of the quote probably says that these are things not to do.  He thought education was extremely important.


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That fourth bullet is kind of a lame one, in my opinion.  Football isn't the only education anyone needs.  Maybe I'm misreading that completely.


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He thought education was extremely important.


Wasn't he something of an expert on military history? I seem to recall something about him hosting a public-access show at one point talking about important battles and strategies and tactics.

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He was really interested in military history, probably through his time in the Navy in WWII.

Woody was also a full professor of Physical Education (back when PE was a major), and I think he taught a class every year. 

He wasn't the type to denounce education.


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And I don't really understand all of the bashing he's received here. I have great respect for him. Other than the fact that he coached OSU I just don't get it, but as Shoe and jamiemac said above; he was our loved coach's mentor.


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I think the problem most of "us" have with Woody is his rabid hatred for all things Michigan, which continues to be embraced and emulated by 95% of all Ohio State fans (the "truck drivers").

Was he an outstanding coach? yes. It's the rabid hatred part that is the problem. Tressel on the other hand is much more above the rabid part, a classier act if you will. Then there is Saint Dantonio, who seems to be more from the Woody mold.

So yeah, we all can respect the coaching ability and accomplishments of Woody Hayes, while not liking the anti Michigan rabble rousing. Kind of like how two sides in a war can hate each other, but respect specific generals or admirals on the other side.

Dark Blue

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Woody like Bo is a legend. He was a great coach who always did things the right way(except at the end when punching the Clemson player). Bo got his start from Woody and deeply loved and admired him. Thats enough to earn respect in my book, even if he did coach the Buckeyes.


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but I gave up caring because it happens about 15 times every day.  In fact there have been several that had "OT" and "MGoBlog" in the same title.  But the worst was all the "OT" titles after the draft that were about Michigan players in the draft.


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Ivan Maisel is a weirdo. How the Hell did he get that gig. Message to Ivan:





Never interview anyone again. Ever.





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