Nick Perry

Submitted by WhatTheFekete on September 2nd, 2008 at 10:24 AM

I read on Rivals today, not that it is breaking news.  Nick Perry did not make it into USC because of Clearinghouse issues.  Comment: Chances he ends up closer to home.   Does this possibly put Michigan into the mix again for him. 



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I've heard that Perry and Michigan have mutual interest, but like formerlyanonymous said, he'll have to go somewhere and get his grades up, a la Marques Slocum (who made it and then didn't) and Quintin Woods (who never made it).

Marques Slocum…

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Damn, I might have to change my name.


Does anybody know the requirements of getting in on a football scholorship? Don't you have to be "2+2=jello" stupid not to get in?


I am not trying to say football players are stupid or anything I just thought it was beyond easy to get in with a football scholorship.


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...had less to do with poor grades and more to do with his high school transfer.  Not that this will expedite his getting into U-M, USC, MSU, wherever.  Just that it seems more likely he would "stick" once he finally arrives on campus than Slocum or Woods or your more run of the mill non-qualifier.


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According the the Freep article I read, it would seem that all Perry has to do is pass a test, and if so, he would be fully locked in as a Trojan.  If he doesn't pass, he could play for a junior college/prep school or sit out next year at another 4 year institution.  He would hve to burn a year of eligibility though (no redshirt year). 

I believe that Freep article was the same tacopants had seen as it also said MSU was more likely.