November 29th, 2010 at 6:32 PM ^

 I don’t get it why people want to fire RR. I’m looking at the game vs. OSU and if the WR would have caught half of the balls thrown to them this game would have been a different story. Our Def played great stopping OSU plenty of times but our OFF didn’t execute which is not RR fault because they moved up and down the field on OSU which means RR was calling all of the right plays.

 RR gave us a 7-5 record great!!! He has improved every year that he has been here .Did anyone expect us to beat OSU about Iowa or Wisc Nooo. So the record shouldn’t be a big deal we lost to a MSU team that is 10-1 and a PSU that is 7-5. in 2008 he came in a program that L.Carr left nothing almost every Off and Def player either graduated or went to the nfl or transferred.

RR needs another year almost everybody is coming back which means everybody should improve and our Def should look different with Twolf and J.T. coming back adding more depth to our D. The offense is going to great next year Denard has another year under his belt which means the game should slow down for him and the 15 extra practices for the bowl should look alot different( don’t forget T.Pryor struggled last year until he went to a bowl game)

Harbaugh is a great coach (NOW!!!!) but he struggled is first 3 seasons and hasn’t won NC at Stanford. He also struggles against spread teams that are faster and quicker just like LC and Bo yesss the almighty Bo that never won a NC.

I really believe Next year should be he make or break year because this team is so young but talented which has the whole Big11 worrying because they know next year that this team is going to be a threat for a B10 or B12 title.