Michigan Media Day with Adam Rittenberg

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Good set of posts by Adam Rittenberg about todays practice and media day. He's one of the few ESPN reporters who hasn't made himself look like a complete ass yet. Some of the stuff is fluff, but fluff is fun too.

I was glad to see the bit about big Will Campbell. It doesn't seem like he'll be Gabe Watson redux. Having Brandon Graham as a mentor helps too.



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Rittenberg's job. He has to keep fan bases from 11 schools happy and blogs or MSM outlets for those teams have the info he posts before he does.

I respect his effort though.


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Out of shoelaces mouth:

"Everybody says I can't throw," he said, "but I'll show you different when you see me start and see us play."


Even if he doesn't start, he is still the man


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I liked the Kelvin Grady piece. He seems to be really enjoying himself, and he's an extremely talented athlete. Happy athletes are always a plus, especially on college teams. Thanks for the post.

Blue in Yarmouth

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Not to say that is the norm by any stretch, but my younger brother always took it upon himself to try to keep me out of trouble. This was pretty much a full time job and too many times the reverse happened and I got him into trouble. Funny how things work, I have always looked up to him, even though he is my younger brother, for all he did on my behalf. Here's to great brothers and great friends (one in the same)!


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can be a bit of a joke at times ... but i still read his shit and i agree with the above sentiment that i wouldnt want his job after all he has to keep state fans happy without publishing so much bull shit that he pisses off umich fans

Garvie Craw

August 24th, 2009 at 11:10 AM ^

My favorite quote:

"So to make a big deal out of a handful of guys that left, and some of them, frankly, weren't up on the depth chart and weren't doing real well academically as they needed to. More has been made of it than there needs to be."