MGo rumor starting: 97.1 the Fan

Submitted by Duck4President on February 22nd, 2013 at 3:22 PM

Columbus radio station 97.1 the Fan is actually reporting the "rumor" that Tressel will be hired by MSU. They cited the source of the rumor as a Michigan website. This was on the Common man show; which was previously Common Man and the Torg, before "the Torg" got fired for threatening Desmond.

I know, I know Columbus radio sucks. But beyond that, I thought this was relevant with respect to this blog's interest in the whole blogs vs mainstream media argument. Not only are they reporting unverified second hand information, but second hand information coming from an anonymous message board poster (not to drag you over the coals again Ball Hawk).

Swan Flu actually got quoted on the air as well: "It can't be Tressel, because I heard from a reliable source that Jon Gruden already accepted the position".

Commence Columbus radio sucks attacks/jokes...