Juwan Howard looking to join Heat...

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According to several reports Juwan is finalizing a deal to join the Heat. Hopefully he can bounce back from last years injuries and get that elusive title...


Veteran forward Juwan Howard, 37, is also finalizing a minimum-scale deal to join the Heat, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

"Juwan wants to get a ring and he has great respect for Coach [Pat] Riley," agent David Falk told the Sun-Sentinel. "We've talked to the Heat. There's a mutual interest. That's all I feel comfortable saying at this point."

Howard made 27 starts in 73 games with the Portland Trail Blazers this past season, averaging 6.0 points, 4.6 rebounds and 2.4 assists while shooting 50.4 percent from the field.





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Great for Juwan, but I was really pretty excited to cheer against the Heat at every turn this season.  If Juwan signs...I'll be cheering for the ring!


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where Juwan Howard ranks in term of all-time NBA salary.  If I recall correctly, Juwan signed a pretty large max contract earlier in his career before the earlier NBA collective bargaining restrictions...  He is probably out-earned by Garnett and maybe a few others, but I would be surprised if he is not high on the list of career earnings through salary....

And through it all I remember sitting high in Crisler during his frosh year having two fans yell loudly all game (as I was hung over) c'mon Juwannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

EDIT:   not sure if this is accurate, but according to this list, Juwan is 12, but CWeb represents at 3...


1. Shaquille O’Neal $290,846,146

2. Kevin Garnett $251,315,354

3. Chris Webber $178,230,697

4. Kobe Bryant $171,384,365

5. Jason Kidd $165,853,968

6. Tim Duncan $164,844,536

7. Tracy McGrady $160,273,916

8. Allen Iverson $154,494,445

9. Jermaine O’Neal $153,450,640

10. Stephon Marbury $151,115,945

11. Rasheed Wallace$150,436,080

12. Juwan Howard $148,761,271

13. Alonzo Mourning $143,906,333

14. Dikembe Mutombo $143,666,581

15. Michael Finley $138,576,839

16. Grant Hill $131,055,650

17. Dirk Nowitzki $124,063,985

18. Patrick Ewing $123,843,120

19. Zydrunas Ilgauskas $123,135,542

20. Anfernee Hardaway $120,469,142

21. David Robinson $118,135,623

22. Allan Houston $117,556,500

23. Vince Carter $116,793,315

24. Antawn Jamison $111,358,288

25. Elton Brand $110,159,451



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It's not so much that Jordan sacrificed anything (his agent, David Falk, would never stand for that) as that the market radically changed. Jordan, rather foolishly in hindsight, agreed to an eight-year contract in 1988. At the time it was one of the richest in the league, but by 1996 he was massively underpaid. When he did have a chance to break the bank - the next two years - he made sure to do so.


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Jordan knew exactly what he was doing. In fact, by keeping his comp down, it made it hard for others on the team to demand more money (which caused some friction from time to time). If Jordan had insisted on being paid more, he could have gotten it. But if the Bulls had to dump other players (e.g., Pippen) and it resulted in one or two fewer rings, whatever extra money Jordan received from the Bulls could have resulted in one or two fewer rings and Michael understood that.

Michael had many years with the Bulls before he had the right supporting cast and they sucked. No way he wanted to go back to losing. Hell, he didn't even want to play in the regular season after awhile so long he could just play in the playoffs. He knew exactly what he was doing and he wanted to win championships.


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Jordan never "kept his comp down" in Chicago. (In Washington, he legitimately did.) In 1988, he signed what was then the richest deal in NBA history. In 1996, he signed the richest one-year deal in history, and in '97 he topped it.

In 1988, the salary cap was $7.2 million, so Jordan alone accounted for over a quarter of it. No one could have forseen then that revenues, and thus salaries, would skyrocket the way they did. Jordan came to regret signing that long contract and vowed to cash in when he finally got the opportunity.


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Some of these names are just stunning. Zydrunas Ilgauskas has made $123 million? (Cue Yakoff Smirnoff: "What a country!")

Meanwhile, Penny Hardaway made a cool $120 million despite being a near-cripple for half his career. His career stats (see below) are fascinating. He went from being compared to Magic Johnson as a young player to playing in a total of 133 games over his last five seasons. Gotta love the guaranteed contract.



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The Heats squad is looking pretty good, but I still think the Lakers have an edge. They picked up Steve Blake who is a solid backup to Derek Fisher(just resigned). The Heat are supposedly signing ilgauskus but still don't really have a point guard or a starting center. Ilgauskus gets schooled by any starting centers in the NBA. It's going to be fun to watch though.

Edit: add in Raja Bell as of tomorrow ;)


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I really dont want the heat to win the championship ( just because of the drama lebron put up to announce that hes leaving the cavs, that was a dick move to the city that saw him as a basketball god) but its starting to look like they will win it all. My new teams to root for are the bulls and magic in the east, and lakers in the west. hopefully one of these 3 teams can take them down come playoff time


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I wonder if Miller starts at the two, and Wade runs the point?

Also, I think Kevin Durant and the Zombies are poised to make a deep playoff run this year.