Gameday insight for the a non-attendee of the game

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I write on behalf of my sis-in-law; a recent transplant from Nashville to the midwest.  She will be taking in her first Michigan game when we play Purdue.  She is coming in from DTW with a friend who is visiting tomorrow at noon-ish.  They wanted to go to Ann Arbor to take in the town and the pre-game what have you's. 

Question - if they try to park North of the stadium, just how farth north would you recommend?  They obviously would like to get their car out prior to gametime and minimize what they pay, but know and are willing to pay whatever they need to.  Should they wrap around on US-23 and come in from the North?  How much of a delay in traffic at 12:30 would they expect?

Thansk for any insight or tips you can provide; as a kid, we always came in from and parked South of the Stadium, so my knowledge of the happenings and crowds north of the stadium is limited.




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Noted - although, next weekend I am taking a buddy to the ND game.  He is a huge sports fan, but an east coast guy who is into pro sports.  Has never been to ANY major college football game.  His head will asplode as they say once he steps foot into the stadium.  While it will be an amazing experience for him, how will he ever go to another college game again without it being a huge let down?




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coming onto campus from 23 onto Plymouth or Geddes Rd. The parking lot off of S Forest and Willard is a pay-per-hour but a good spot if you want to be in the middle of campus. If you want something a bit closer to the stadium you can try the parking garage right next to West Quad, off Thompson just north of Madison. We parked there last year for the Iowa game. I think we got to campus around 11 or 12 and it didn't seem full at all. Price was maybe $20? Can't remember for sure.


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came back for that many games. For OSU in 2009 we came N on 23 from Toledo and were getting into AA about an hour and a half before kickoff, I would say that the last 5 miles we were in traffic for 15-20 minutes, but bypassing 94 and Washtenaw and getting to the Geddes exit saved us a ton of time. For Iowa last year when we got to AA at 11 or 12 for the 3:30 game we came in on M14 to 23S and got off at Plymouth, coming in through North Campus and didn't hit any traffic - no delays. Just my experiences.


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I don't mind walking, so I always park on the neighborhood streets west of Main Street a little ways northwest of the Stadium.  I don't like paying for parking.


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I agree that getting off US-23 at Geddes is probably a better route onto campus around game time.  Coming from the north, US-23 can start backing up toward the split with M-14 closer to game time.  


I skip the parking lots altogether and park on the street by a meter.  You'll likely get a ticket because the meter readers are fanatical on Game Days.  But, the ticket is only $10, which you can pay online once you get home.  You'll easy spend $10 for a lot but you can usually park closer by a meter.  I've done this the last three years (one game / season).  I've gotten two tickets (last year I lucked out parking behind Stockwell and they must not have checked those meters.